HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Bill Payment » Can someone please help me find out who this woman is? Her photos r being stolen from someone, that someone has scammed my bf for $26k!?

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: She claims to be Kathleen Schonhardt. My boyfriend met her on lavalife. She's been telling him she's 30. All background checks show she's 35. She told him she lives with her dad. She said they were about to lose their house. So he caught up the payment and continued to pay their mortgage over the past year. She said she had fines to pay.So he was sending her $ for fines that she probably really doesn't have. Also payed their electric, her phone bill and God knows what else. He sent so much money to her that western union said he can never use them to wire money ever again. I've tried google reverse image and tineye. I can't find anything. I don't know who this woman is but I know she isn't the scam artist. She was constantly texting my phone telling me how ugly I am and telling me to leave him alone. In all honesty, she seems very childish, calling me names at random. I blocked her #! My email address is jessgalarneau28@Gmail.com. if anyone could help me I would be forever grateful. I have more pics too.

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: Stop trying to play detective. If your bf got scammed for that much he needs to go to the FBI with all evidence and let them do their job. Google Images ONLY works if the picture is someone's profile pictures. If it was stolen from someone's Facebook Album there is NO way to find the person. But the FBI can easily get a subpoena to access the senders' ISP to find their name and location
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