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: My favorite niece (age 53) who lives in another state, has good job but filed for Chapter 11 BK 4 years ago due to $78K credit cards debt. The court ordered to pay 1/2 of that. She's done making the payments, but her credit is non-existent and has to pay cash all the time now.

She asked me if I could add her as an additional user to one of my credit cards. I have excellent credit. I said no. That all it takes is one late payment and my credit score will be affected. She's miffed with me, said I'd always not been there for her, etc. etc.

I would like to help. Am now "thinking" of adding her to my Amex card which I don't use and which has a zero balance, with the CLEAR UNDERSTANDING that she can only use it until Dec. 31 at which time I will close the card, and that all balance has to come back to zero

I'm just afraid that she will rack up bills to the maximum which I think is $3k, but what if she doesn't pay it all by December?

I'm afraid to be "holding the bag" for her. I love her so much but I am a senior retired on a fixed income and while I am somewhat comfortable in my living, not sure I can survive the shock of stress should anything happen.

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.
She cannot get a SECURED CARD because she told me she is also cash-poor, nothing to put as collateral.
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: She shouldn't put you in this situation. As someone already said get a pre-paid card or speak to the bank. If they say no its for a good reason. I know for one I wouldn't even put my wife on my card if she ran up that amount of debt!
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: I would keep saying no. Yes, it sucks to have to pay cash, but $78K was a lot of money and doesn't appear to have been an emergency. I'm glad for her that she managed to pay $39K (plus the taxes on the other half since that is considered income).

If her complaint is that she has the money, but hates having to pay cash, she can get a prepaid card *or* talk to her bank and get a secured card.
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: She's trying to guilt you into something you shouldn't do. You need to think about YOUR needs and risks. At 53, she's FAR old enough to deal with the consequences of her own actions.
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