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: So my mother-in-law lives closeby, but my own mom lives eight hours away. I'm pregnant with my first child, and it will be the first grandchild for both my husband's parents and mine. My mother-in-law wanted to throw me a baby shower, but a few months ago my friend showed me a cute stationery store that had adorable baby shower invites. I got my heart set on getting some that I saw there. I thought my mother-in-law would collaborate with me and I could invite my friends to the shower, and she could invite some of hers, and it would be at her house. Well now, she told me that her friend who has a luxurious house by the beach wants to host the shower.... when I told her about the invitations I found, I got blank stares from both my mother-in-law and father-in-law, and they explained to me that since this friend is hosting the shower, she would pick everything out and I wouldn't get a say in it. I just feel like my mom-in-law is making everything more about her than about me and my baby. She wants to invite all HER friends, wants it to be at HER friend's house, who I barely know (I've only met her a couple of times) and it just makes me feel super uncomfortable that it's at this luxurious beach house..... I'm just a simple middle-class girl and it just seems too ritzy to me. I just want something fun and simple, with people who know me, and love and care about me and my baby... and I really wanted to pick out the invites that I was excited about =(

My mother-in-law says if my friend wants to host my shower instead, that's fine, and to just let her know. After some prodding, she said she might be able to get the invitations I wanted after all and we could still have the shower at her friend's house. My husband says I'm coming off as ungrateful that these nice, rich people want to host my shower. He says I should take them up on it, and everyone is telling me I will get more gifts if I do. But the thing is, being around large crowds of people I don't know makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward....... I thought a baby shower was supposed to be with your close friends and family.

So my question is... should I just let my friend host my baby shower at her house, and invite my mother-in-law and all my friends? Or should I have two separate showers, one hosted by my friend, and to which I invite all my other close friends, and one that my mother-in-law's friend can host, so she can invite all HER friends?!! What should I do?!! I don't want to offend anyone or seem ungrateful. I just don't want to be uncomfortable or feel awkward and bummed out either.

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