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: Ok a debt collector keeps harassing me about this bill I can not pay right because I can not afford it they keep sending me a notice talking I am going to be arrested if I do not do something about this. What can I legally do about this situation besides pay the bill. I am not saying I am not going to pay the bill I just can not do it now. They are sending me court notices and stuff.

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: This can be trouble for your finance reputation then try to resolve that as soon as you can, till that talk to debt collector and try to solve this
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: If you fail to appear for your court date they can get a default judgment against you. You can't go to jail.

Once they have a judgment they can do a number of things to try and collect. They can garnish your wages, place liens on real property, attach your bank accounts.
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: No you aren't going to be arrested for that, and if they're dumb enough to say that in writing, keep their letters.

But if there's a court date set and you just don't go, you can lose some of your rights.
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: If they are threatening you with jail or arrest, then get your state Attorney General's office involved. It is illegal to harass you with threats they can't back up or have no intention of doing.

However, if you've been actually served with court papers it's time to get proper legal advice from an attorney in your area. If you do not show up for a scheduled court date they could automatically win a judgment and come after your assets and wages.
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: Those warrant officers comes to your house, and talk to you. Doubt you will get jail time YET but some consequences.
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