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: Movies l like:

The green mile
Shawshank redemption
American Psycho
the fly (1986)
Girl with the dragon tattoo
Once upon a time in America
The collector (Second one sucks)
The raid
Let the right one in
The shining
Boys don't cry
Battle Royale
Django unchained
Inglorious basterds
Pulp fiction
Blade trilogy
terminator 2
Gangs of new york
Black swan
Shutter Island

Movies I don't like:

Insidious (Wasn't scary)
The conjuring (Wasn't scary)
Dead silence (Wasn't scary
Deer hunter (Was boring)
clockwork orange (Was boring apart from the start)
Se7en (Was boring)
videodrome (Didn't understand it)

I'm basically looking for something that will make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Something that is graphic or smart and dramatic are the kind of movies I like to watch.
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: Try "Billion Dollar Baby", "Lost Boys" or "Casino"
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: Edge of Tomorrow, the Untouchables
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