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: I've been called for 2 months by debt collectors saying i owe a certain amount of money since April. the first agency said i owed 900 then another agency thats now calling me says i owe 1500 (idk how the price went up within a short amount of time) they said that i owed money for a phone bill and that i could call AT&T to verify it. i never did i took their word for it. so earlier today i went in the bank explained my situation and they said they will look into it. So i just got a call not too long ago saying that my bill was already paid in full and that i actually didn't owe any money to AT&T.. whats going on? both me and the bank are confused right now

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: You could be scammed.

Quit talking with these people on the phone. Instead tell them that you will only communicate with them by US mail. If they call again, hang up.

Familiarize yourself with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

You have the right to get validation of your debt. If the collection agency sends you a collection letter (I doubt they will). Fire back with a request for validation of the debt. It is not your job to call AT&T to verify that you owe. It is THEIR legal responsibility to verify that the debt is valid, that you owe it, and that they have the legal right to collect from you.

Good luck
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: Someone calls you out of the blue claiming you owe $1,500 and you don't bother to verify? If you pay, your money is gone forever.
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: Yes you are. If the bill has been paid in full, and no one knows what the heck is going on then it's a scam. Your best bet is to get an address from them. Send them a certified validation letter. Yes sending a certified letter does cost more for you BUT they must sign for you, you can keep tabs on where the letter is, AND you have proof that they received and they MUST show you proof that the debt is real. They will have I believe 30 or 60 days. I can not remember which it is, to show the proof. In the letter also state that they may not contact you by phone at all, either at work or at home. The letter needs to state that you want proof that the debt is legit, that you want to see the forms that you signed.
I doubt they will send you anything at all.
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: Zombie debt and collectors who don't care that they are using outdated records.
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