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: or do you think the US government or CIA/FBI arranged for Chapman to kill Lennon ?
Edit > Some of you arrogant fools on here who answer with their attempts at wit - need to grasp the fact that this is merely a simple website. I no more feel deeply concerned over Chapman than I do bout Micky Mouse. However I dont accept things on face value - that is the actions of a fool.
You must surely believe then that the USA authorities are ran by Benedictine Monks lead by the Dali Llama. (before you get clever in your silly way ... I know the Dali Llama is not Benedictine)
Edit - LOST EQUATION > > Chapman was not concerned with Lennons Jesus comment - he was concerned at Lennons seemingly double standards at classing himself as a "working class hero" when in fact he was a multi millionaire who lived in a huge mansion and drove a Rolls Royce. So dont try to be clever when you do not have the ability.
Yes the Catcher in the Rye was major factor but Chapman himself said he felt Lennon was portraying a false image >working class hero - multi millionaire<
It is also a fact that the CIA and the FBI had a file on Lennon. They killed Dr King ..........???????
Edit - Hoarsman > Do you truly, honestly believe that no person of a right wing persuasion has ever held a conspiracy theory ?????
Edit > Foxy > I have every single record - album - Cd produced by the Beatles some several times over.
My children and grandchildren can name every song just by hearing the first few notes.
Great Foxy > I have an oil painting done for me by a friend in 1980 when John Lennon was shot. I have put it in my profile picture to show you. Its A3 size. I gave all my original "plastic LPs" to my grandchildren. I keep buying the "re-mastered this and re-mastered that" just because the Beatles are so brilliant. My favourite song - although nearly impossible to pick one favourite - is "ITS GETTING BETTER" from Sgt Peppers. I love the way the instrumentals keep changing etc.
Edit - Sweet Pea ..... NO not that good ???? 3 billion album sales ????? its a start !!! Buying an album - record is voluntary because you like the sound of it - says something about the most successful entertainers in the history of planet earth ... and thats a fact. The Abbey Road Zebra Crossing in London
has more visitors from abroad than Buckingham palace. They made Liverpool THE most famous town on earth. They got the MBE for transforming trade in the music industry - creating factories over night.
Edit - Foxy > Watched the Carl Perkins George vid .... he is the greatest guitarist ever (George). Have you seen the vid on yutube .. Two of Us ... George playing base guitar ... he is fantastic. Beatles magic.

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