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: Can any1 help me with this number game, as I am collector and find this particular $2 note amazing with numbers. Can anybody gives more information about this 2 dollars note? how is it with numerology. Below is the link:

Thanks in advance for help :)

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: Don't waste your Money
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: That bill is very common in Europe. Read the history behind it, you'll see in Europe it is not as rare as in the USA.

Also, I wouldn't buy stuff like that on ebay, (in real particular cases) as it could be a false.
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: Õî÷ó,
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: Что-то давно я не заходил на этот форум, а зря, столько нового тут появилось... =)
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: Hello. And Bye.
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: Hello. And Bye.
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: Hello. And Bye.
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: Hello. And Bye.
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