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: Basically someone from an agency since I couldn't pay the full medical bill from a year ago is putting me for credit for not paying the whole bill. This girl sounds like a pretty nasty miserable person. Wonder if there

Is there anything I can do to contest it? Are they allowed to refuse small pay,ents to pay off the bills?

It was for around 300 but I work part time at the moment and make only 60 a week at the moment. Usually work once a week might start more soon.


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: No - there is nothing to contest.
When you take on a bill like that, you're saying that you agree to pay it off in a timely manner. And not a little bit at a time like you think you can.
Get A Job.
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: You can right a letter of dispute to the credit agencies contesting it. They give the creditors 30 days to respond and if they don't, they are required to remove it from your credit report. Sometimes that works simply because they are too lazy or too busy to respond to the credit agencies.
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