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: I have dreams where there is baby animals like kittens and they will just be in my dream walking around. What does that mean?

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: Nobody can tell you definitely if the dream symbolizes something,or if you dream about baby animals because you work with them or think about them often.In the case of the latter,chances are your mind is just processing the day's events.

Despite what a lot of people have been told an object or event in a dream does NOT always mean the same thing for every person on the planet.Having said that,though, a lot of people's minds will symbolize an animal-one behaving calmly,being loving,or being abused- for the person themself.
That's part of the reason some people get more upset seeing an animal being abused than seeing a person abused.Both might upset them greatly but if they've been abused in a way that they couldn't defend themself at all, they may identify with the abused animal.

In nightmares about a pack of vicious animals pursuing someone the dreamer is not usually symbolized by one of the animals.This kind of nightmares commonly happen in cases where in their waking hours the dreamer is being pursued by aggressive, unethical bill collectors,is the victim of a workplace mobbing,or otherwise being harassed and terrorized by a group of people.

What are the baby animals doing in your dream? Are they being harmed? Are they bestowing love on you? Are they just there with you looking at them?If the baby animals symbolize anything in your dreams,what's going on with the animals when you dream about them might give more clues about what or who they symbolize.
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