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: Momma work two, dad under the blue
Dealing with collectors all the bills over due
Only 17 living this life, just to get through
Only advice I ever got, was push through
See I'm in a, f*cked up position so, started selling drugs
Family so poor so, I'm slanging with 'em thugs,
Loading slugs, I'm not about to be, pulling out 'em plugs
Cause my family got a eat, n' daddy need chemo
My whole life, I never felt like an equal
Always stood out, like a sh*tty sequel
And my dad pop his veins and he, stick it with a needle
So the money that I'm getting, ain't nothing 'bout it legal
But I do it for my family cause, they really need the money
And if I don't get it we all gon' be, living on an empty tummy
But most of all is the fact, that my dad
Is living with cancer so, I'm really f*cking mad
Momma got two jobs, living with arthritis,
And them needles prolly gon', give my daddy hepatitis
Look I'm praying, I need the golden touch
And I ain't talking 'bout Midas, I need something really clutch
Forgive Lord for selling all of these narcotics
But pills don't cure the cancer, no antibiotics
And my mom was always stressing, so I blessed her with this blessing
And that was money and time off, but now I'm the one expressing
I got suicidal thoughts and my, mind is distressing
Life been so depressing and, no I'm not progressing
Never felt love like, what the hell is caressing
I just need some help, cause my mind is repressing
And sh*t... here comes the bill collector
1-800, someone dial the funeral director
Cause I can't take it, I can't take it, I can't take it
Got pistol pointed at my head, one shot and then it hit

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