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: I have 2 medical collection accounts with the same agency that are about 5 years old and I really can't want to wait 2 more years for them to come off. I tried to negotiate "pay for deletion" and they refused. Currently they are only reporting it to one credit bureau (TU) If I send a validation letter is it possible it will end up hurting me and they will report it to all 3?
just clarifying I am talking about a debt validation letter

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: Why bother sending a validation request? You KNOW the debts are yours. Sending a validation request is just playing games. You are not going to get those 5 year old items removed and poking the bear ain't such a good idea.

Pay for delete agreements are almost impossible to get. Sometimes you can get aa pay for delete for medical bills IF they are relatively new. But not 5 year old bills.

Instead, negotiate a settlement. You can probably settle for 10% to 25% in a lump sum. The debts are very likely beyond the Statute of Limitations (SOL), the timeframe to sue. The collection agency would be motivated to accept a settlement. Creditors reviewing your credit report will consider a settlement just about the same as paid in full.

Just be sure to get any settlement agreement in writing before you pay. Don't give the collector direct access to your bank account.
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