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: I had a credit card from capital one that when in collection about 4 years ago, now a collection agency is calling me because they're trying to collect the debt, my question is, if i pay the collection agency now that i make ok money, will that remove the original collection report from capital one?

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: No it will not. It will be there for 7 years regardless if you pay it off or not.
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: Won't help your score at all. Truthful info cannot and will not be removed. The truthful info is that your debt went to collections. When a debt goes to collections, the damage has already been done. Actually, the damage was done before it went to collections. Your credit profile will just show that the debt was paid. A lender MIGHT look favorably on the fact that you paid the debt.
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: No, it will not remove the original report. It might or might not help or hurt your score, but it will not remove the original report.
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