HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Bill Collectors » we have a collection agency calling us about once a month for a old navy credit card that they have its threw

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: midland collections, now this credit card was opened in 2006 so its past the statute of limitations. its not on our credit report and it never has been....they are still trying to collect this debt , but do i have to worry about them affecting my credit report, can they bring it to the 3 bureaus still?

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: Every collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. This notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money.

If you send the debt collector a letter stating that you don’t owe any or all of the money, or asking for verification of the debt, that collector must stop contacting you. You have to send that letter within 30 days after you receive the validation notice. But a collector can begin contacting you again if it sends you written verification of the debt, like a copy of a bill for the amount you owe.
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