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: At work, all the people with the high paid positions (managers, VPs, etc) are always smiling, they are old folks but have the body of a 20 or 30 year old.

While the regular employees, some of them in their 20s seem to be miserable.
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: Of course life is easier with money
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: Money make some things easier, but life will still run its course to the end.
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: Duh, yes. It's expensive to be healthy. Too, the older employees are more comfortable with what they do for a living and have learned the ins and outs. Young workers are more unsure and are still learning. They still have a lot to learn about life before they can relax.
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: Life is easier with money because you need money to buy necessities to live. On the news I heard about a couple who lives without money but they don’t really because they live off donations from OTHER people’s money. Unless you want to build your own house and find your own water source (which doesn’t sound very fun)…
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: Interesting question, i would have to say yes, money can buy happiness. Those older individuals with nice bodies and smiles on their faces is because they have less stress than those who have less money. Unfortunatly the younger people probably have the menial jobs that pay less and have bills on the level of the older people. Stress is caused in higher amounts and it leads to that miserable look. Without money you would starve, be cold, exposed, thirsty, etc...all things that will not make you happy. Money is the key to obtaining such things in great quality. Can you live humbly and be happy busting your hump? Sure! Many people do, but then again many people cant take time off and have a trip to the bahamas with their family without expenses being a worry. I guess its simplified down to this-more money= less stress, no money= lots of stress
Id like to believe that money isnt necessary, but ive been in shelters and such and being one of the poor you realize just how crappy it is to struggle. Love and family exist and make you "happy", but try enjoying them when bill collectors, bills in mail, and services being shut off are all a factor.
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: Health if far more important than wealth . I would , much rather , be healthy and poor than wealthy and sick.
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: depends on the person and attitude
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: sure - money makes it easier to control your circumstances.
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