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: My brother received a notice that his home is in foreclosure & he has 30 days to pay a court lose debt. He claims that he can't get a loan form the bank to pay off the $6800.00 court settlement. What options does he have to save his home from foreclosure. He does have a job & he makes around $26,000.00 a year, but I don't think he has the greatest credit.

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: looks like its time for him to start breaking the law or asking other people for cash. i just had to sell my $5000 dirtbike for $2500 so i could give my dad money for his property taxes. shit sucks. glad i had that to sell though cause they were gonna take his house that was worth $150,000 over $2500 in back property taxs
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: Foreclosure takes from 6-10 months. He can live in the home until then. Even when it goes into trustee sale, you can't guarantee there will be a buyer. So, he can live there until the house sells. Tell him to save his money until he gets booted from his home and rent later.
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: It doesn't make sense. Your home doesn't go into foreclosure until you stop making the payments. If you're making the payments a person can put a lien on the property and eventually force it's sale, but that is not foreclosure.

Bill collectors often tell lies to get paid. Check with the bank that has the loan on the property.
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: Your question doesn't make sense. If he was just served notice of foreclosure then he has more than 30 days. Depending on the state foreclosures take months and he would have been served papes when the foreclosoure was initially filed. It sounds like the home has been in foreclosure and he has been notified that the home will go to auction is 30 days. Then again, is this really a mortgage foreclosure? Your statement that he can't get a bank loan to pay off the court settlement sounds like someone has a judgment against him. If it's a judgment then it will attach to anything he owns. But in most states the homestead can't be foreclosed upon to satisfy a judgment.

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