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: so the reason why I ask this question today is because it's sunday and the collection place is closed other wise I would ask myself, but i need an answer to try to calm my nerves.

So A collection agency is calling me. they're a legit collector and they're showing up on my credit report. Now I have no idea why they would be calling me. They're trying to say I owe $400 for one thing and $300 for another thing. Is this likely to be theft? I don't have any credit cards and as far as I know none have been open. I pay all my medical bills and dental bills on time. I don't have a contract phone I just use straight talk. I don't own a car so I don't have any insurance. In fact I honestly don't owe anything except for rent which is actually over paid. I can't think of anything else it could be.

What do you think happened? Do they usually make mistakes?

for more info: my parents are really awesome and never use my name in anything else. they're real parents and would never hurt me like that

another thing is Utilities are paid and included in rent.

I would have taken their phone calls earlier, but I didn't really know what a collection agency was since I never have anything to collect nor did I think it was legit because I don't owe anything. I'm just trying to think of anything else I could possibly owe ...
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: Figure out what the THINGS are first.
If they told you THINGS, call back on Monday, and figure out what THINGS are.

You state "they are trying to say".
This means you SPOKE to them already.
Don't be a pushoever in your future. Demand explanations.
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: Tell them to stop calling you and if they keep calling you its harassment. So if they keep calling you set up a google voice account and make it so it charges them $1000 every time they call you. You end up getting $1000 and they stop calling you.
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: If it is not your debt it could be someone using your details or someone with the same name or even a previous occupier.
Do not give the caller any info if it is not your debt just tell them that and also say you are seeking legal advice as they are showing on your credit report.
You are not obliged to supply any information as it is up to them to prove the debt is yours.
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: If it's showing up on your credit report then just re-read your report to see who the original debt was with. Ask the collection agency for clarification if you don't know (they must be able to provide the name of the company and your account number if any), when they bought the debt etc. Forgotten gym membership maybe?
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: if it shows up on your credit report then it's not a scam. Either you owe money to someone or you are the victim of identity theft
If you know for sure that the debt is not yours and someone else must have used your name to run up the debt, you need to immediately follow ALL the steps on the FTC website starting with putting a fraud alert with all credit bureaus, filing a police report for identity theft and filing an affadavit for identity theft with the FTC ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/consumers/defend.html
You will then have to go through the process of disputing all of the debts that appear
It's going to take you a few weeks to deal with all of the paperwork but this is the only way to clear the debt and restore your credit -- and also prevent whoever stole your identity from incurring new debt that will appear on your credit reports and affect your credit for the next 7 years
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: In your case, I suggest you ask for a debt verification letter. And if they do send you one, see if it is valid. That would prove the legitimacy of their purpose.

If they can't send you anything, then that proves they're a scam and you should report them to callercenter right away!
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