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: Every one I see only say they accept $1 $5 and sometimes $10, but never $2.

$2 bills are still legal currency after all.

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: Where do you live that has a $2 bill?
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: I guess you don't see them very often? my grandma gives then to me..... i have no idea what to do with them.
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: its leggal but they are not making 2 dollar bills anymore..if vending machines accept 2 dollar bills, that means alot of people use 2dollar bills and it means they are still making 2 dollar bills
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: The $2 bill is very uncommon.

The vending machine companies don't think that their extra costs involved to safely identify them (to prevent accepting counterfeits), exceed the benefits to the company of dealing with them.
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: Vending machines don't accept pennies either even though they are legal currency.

It costs money for the software to accept each bill. No one uses $2 bills so the vending machines companies aren't worried about losing an extremely occasional sale because the person only has a $2 bill. The cost of the software doesn't justify it.
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: I actually like the $1 coin, I wish more would use that ....
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: It's because the $2 bill is not widely used, and every additional type of currency that the bill validator has to recognize drives up the cost.

And I've got to correct the answer that said that $2 bills aren't printed any more. While they're not continuously printed like other denominations (because of the lower demand), they run off 250 million or so about every five years. They just started the latest run in February of this year.
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