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: This may sound pretty simple, "Yes, you terminated early." I've been a good standing resident for 2 years now. My lease ends on June...30th. i ignorantly assumed it'd end on the first since that is when rent is due. I'm closing on a home on May 30th, so on May 1st I turned in my 30 day notice. My manager said that I automatically lose my deposit because I'm cutting the lease early by a month.

I have kept my unit in mint condition for the 2 years, with 12 year old cat stained carpets and linoleum to match in age. I didn't ask questions when I signed to rent this place, so I don't feel so dumb asking questions now. Is there a grace period of forgivable termination time? I feel like keeping the keys for the amount of the deposit, but I know better. I could really use this money for home maintenance and repairs!
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: Yes, you will lose your security deposit, since you are breaching the lease term by one month. You OWE rent for June, and the landlord will keep your security deposit UNLESS you pay June's rent. Giving notice does NOT relieve you from the terms of the contract you signed.
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: Giving notice is good, but doesn't get you out of the contract. The good part is if the landlord can rent the place out again, then he would owe you a refund.
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: It's either that or pay June rent.
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: Ms. E has the correct answer. Acermill has answered similar questions dozens of times, and consistently gives some iteration of the wrong answer, namely, "You automatically lose your deposit." That's wrong.
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