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: I'm 18 years old,

Been working at Taco Bell for about 6 months.

I got Terminated about three hours ago when my Boss took me in the office and showed me a video backing up the fact that he accused me of stealing Five Dollars from the register.

We both watched the Video TOGETHER and the camera does not show actually putting the bill in my pocket.

The only thing the video shows is my hand going to my side, then sliding my hand in the register. But without zooming in to see what's in my hand there was no proof.

Knowing my innocence I have decided to take legal action.

I IMMEDIATELY refused to sign the termination paper he had, and told him I'd set up a court date.

Do I contact HR and set up a date for a small claims court meeting?

I KNOW my innocence, and don't want any chance of stealing going onto my record.

What Legal actions do I take if there is NO PROOF?
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: You speak to a lawyer.
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: If you need legal advice see a lawyer.
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: Hire an employment attorney.
File a lawsuit for defamation of character.
Watch. Them. Squirm.
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: Taco Bell can terminate you for any reason, even the SUSPICION of theft. Just accept it and move on. You have no legal case here. If you were at the register and not waiting on a customer, they believe you took the money.

It was only 6 months of work, just don't put it down on future job applications.
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: you think you know a lot more than you actually do...
you have NO grounds for any legal action...

were you assigned to the cash register?
if the answer is no then you could be fired for just being there since you were not suppose to be...
if the answer is yes then since there is a cash shortage you can be fired for that, it make no difference why the money is short, whether you took it or just made a mistake....

there obviously IS proof, there is a video that shows you doing something you should not be doing....

and in the US, all this is pointless, you are employed "at-will"...
you may be terminated at any time, for any or no reason, just as you may quit....

it is time for you to grow up, get rid of the attitude, and realize you know very little about the real world or the law....
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