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: We have a collection on our accounts, in which they refuse to send us ANYTHING. They haven't even sent us a notice that says we have 30 days to dispute this account. They even sent a judgement server to their own address. The problem is, how do we dispute this debt with the credit reporting companies? Should we request a validation of the debt even though we haven't gotten a 30 days notice? FYI, this is not a valid debt, so we are not running away from paying our bills!

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: there is no such thing as a judgement server. Report them to your states department of consumer protection
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: Have you tried to dispute it on all 3 of your credit reports?
If they don't verify to the, the item drops off your reports after 30 days.
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Are you trying to dispute directly through them? Again, dispute with the reports.
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: They don't have to send you a 30 day notice.

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