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: I got refunded from walmart today, it says it should appear back on my debit (regular pnc bank card) in within two billing cycles. how long is that?

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: A billing cycle is 30 days
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: I myself had the same type situation when home depot reimbursed my credit card for a purchase. They could not tell me how long it would take to get my money. I did receive it by 7 business days but warning to you is the main office told me that if its a debit card the reimbursement could take up to 30 to 45 days to be returned. I was told there are different regulations on debit cards.
best of luck to you.
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: A billing cycle is in fact 30 days. But since the next billing cycle may end tomorrow, 2 billing cycles may be anywhere from 31-60 days from today. However, personally I have seen a credit from Walmart show up in my account within 10-15 days from their notice of refund.
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: 2 billing cycles is 2 billing cycles. Read the bill.
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