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  1. Is the problem the GOP won't compromise or that Obama (the community organizer) has no leadership/managerial skills?
  2. The bill manager app MANILLA is closing, an I'd like to find another similar to it. Any suggestions?
  3. California teaching about the "Racial Significance of Obama"?
  4. Would you have hired applicant Barack Obama for your company?
  5. David Gregory on Meet the press. Ask the Obama spokesman. Has the President Been neutered.?
  6. How can you perform at V Festival?
  7. Has the Media ignored talking about other laws in Obamacare?
  8. What were some political battles during the 1960's?
  9. What are your thoughts on Obama's presidency? Is he really concerned for our country?
  10. Did Republicans ever consider it a bad idea to elect the Bush family, given their dealings with the Bin Laden.?
  11. $2,000 short on funds for college, and the next semester is LESS THAN A WEEK.?
  12. C'mon libs, you really want Hillary to run don't you?
  13. Has America been crumbling like Rome every since the Community Organizer was elected?
  14. Is Obama essentially a Bush Leaguer?
  15. What was life like during the 1960's in Eastern Europe?
  16. The policies insurance companies are trying to dump conform perfectly with ACA, they are just trying to dump..?
  17. Hearing that there's NO SCHOOL MONDAY brought me MUCH more joy than being handed $100!!! Is it normal?
  18. about my natal chart?
  19. Mother-in-law wants her friend who I don't know to host my baby shower, but I feel uncomfortable..?
  20. Why did Obama call himself a "spy behind enemy lines"?
  21. so darryl issa was arrested for car theft convicted of weapons violations. is that much better
  22. Hi, what can an agency do if a real estate agency has fallen dramatically in business
  23. After arming al Quada to the teeth, is it not ironic that we are now having to close our embassies
  24. Was Charlie Rangel talking about AL GORE'S Dad he used a racial slur against Southern Whites
  25. Temporarily maxing out credit card during no APR months
  26. stay organized Any good tips
  27. more tax money Judicial Watch Org. uncover Obama used inapropriately on the Trayvon case
  28. did 0bama make the selfless sacrifice to be President, he could have been a rich Chicago gangsta
  29. Doesn't this sound like "Community Organizing" by the DOJ for Trayvon Martin
  30. What turn an old bread box into
  31. Is the Tea Party a domestic terrorist organization
  32. Do liberals STILL believe that Obamacare is NOT a drag on the economy
  33. Monsanto and GMO's and do people hate them
  34. do people hate Monsanto
  35. Isn't it ironic that a community organizer (Obama) is hunting down a grassroots movement (libertarians)
  36. What exactly is a philanthropist
  37. Are liberals just waiting for the right leader in order embrace their fascist yearnings
  38. does everyone hate justin bieber the reason you hate him
  39. Who say is the most dangerous to Cross in the world of political Thuggery
  40. Obama's past/current jobs
  41. I'd like to keep myself organized, but I don't really know .
  42. At what point does obstructing the President and try to unseat him stop being politics and start being Treason
  43. wish Romney had become President He is much more intelligent than Obama! Better résumé to!
  44. 0bama crap hitting the fan over the past few weeks: Is this just the tip of a very large iceberg
  45. Does anyone have a bedshelf organizer
  46. progress did the Montgomery bus boycott make in the struggle for civil rights for black Americans
  47. Was "banking day" a dud
  48. Pretty sad obama gets upstaged by Romney, who is more presidential like than barry
  49. Economy: Obama vs Romney
  50. be neat and organized
  51. Is Newt Gingrich an arrogant one he kept ting t name of "Saul Alinsky" during debates who no body knows
  52. If you voted for Obama, If you didn't, If you voted for McCain,
  53. is Obama Continuing the Regulatory Juggernaut
  54. agree that America needs a CEO, not a community organizer
  55. Imagine a future historian examining Obama's pre-presidential life
  56. get my friend more votes for this contest
  57. Do You Approve of President Obama's Job Preformance
  58. Obamacare - over 1/2 the physicians say mandatory mandate won't work - 25% expect shut down - what do u think
  59. What think of these job numbers
  60. discuss the future of linux operating system
  61. An analogy for people upset with the Obama administration...
  62. see Romney operates
  63. Can Obama stop campaigning and govern, for once!
  64. do Fascist power mongers usually start out as SociaIist agitators (community organizers)
  65. Was Bill Clinton the best "community organizer" than the past 5 presidents
  66. Socialism is Slavery Crush it: Is Obama a Dictator
  67. law school REALLY like
  68. something you always wished you had in a computer program
  69. Which Obama prefer, the real Obama, or the conservative version of Obama
  70. is the first time you heard the strange name, "Barack Obama"
  71. Was the Recent CPAC Racial Tolerance Event a Success and improve outreach for GOP
  72. Y!A Cricket Q: If asking was bowling, and answering was batting, Q-stars were fielding, then...
  73. Tips to be organized help
  74. Is the movie Amber Alert based on a true story
  75. Is Obama a good example of taking a job that LOOKS like anyone can do,but can'tOut of his league
  76. Did you support Starbucks on ‘Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day’
  77. LG Arena tickets
  78. My pastor told me Judas was a black liberal Communist
  79. would any Democrat running for President in 2016 be branded a socialist, or even an out-and-out communist
  80. Question for people who think Obama's a socialist
  81. do people make generalizations on political affiliation
  82. Would America be better off if we kick the south out of the union
  83. Do Yahoo libs know that if you gave Obama a backround check
  84. Proper wording to invite friends to a restaurant venue get together - dinner not included.
  85. it a good idea to force employers to have to lay off workers, make workers part-time, or not expand
  86. convince my dad to adopt this homeless cat
  87. What caused the Subprime Mortgage Crisis that Caused 2008 Financial Disaster
  88. Obama a socialist he's predominantly pro-market and right-wing according to most standards
  89. extra taxes from "rich" people can't cover Obama's massive spending, so does he persist
  90. Are Americans who believe Obama is a genuine communist just a small minority, out of the mainstream
  91. Which television news reporter scares you the most
  92. opinion about smartphones- give advantages and disadvantages
  93. good tips to win those comps you have to answer in 25 words or less
  94. Didn't Obama and Liberals say premiums for Healthcare Ins, would not go up if Obamacare became law
  95. Should Rep. Douglas Geiss be prosecuted for making terrorist threats
  96. Congressman Col, Allen West (R) Fla, just called President Obama a Marxist Socialist
  97. Trick to memorize the 15 cabinets of the the presidant
  98. people believe that Obama is an evil socialist
  99. was Bill Clinton's Ad Hoc structure set up
  100. Looking for a coin collecting safe/organizer.
  101. Has the President ever succeeded at anything besides campaigning
  102. Just saw 2016...your opinions
  103. would a professional organizer make working for a celebrity
  104. Was Romney's biggest lie in the debates that he would balance the budget
  105. are Obama's green pet project all going bankrupt but have money to donate to his campaign
  106. Are you voting for Socialism or Democracy
  107. some of Obama's nicknames
  108. Obama communist romney capitalist piggy obama robinhood romney romneyhood
  109. Who is the worst of Obama's friends or former buddies/professional references
  110. Obama claim that he "saved GM" they are actually going out of business again
  111. Is obama a marxist loser, can't lead, no foreign policies, socialist
  112. What think of this article on Newsweek
  113. Dreams From My Real Father, Starring: Barack 0bama... Will 0bama finally get his academy award
  114. Is the argument "Obama is a socialist Marxist Muslim" a valid argument
  115. want to know I know Obama's a Socialist
  116. Did you know that Barack Obama is hated by the military
  117. Am I the only one voting for Obama but mad as hell about it
  118. just out of curiosity, who is voting for who
  119. Is president Barrack Obama a communist
  120. Obama or Romney Please debate
  121. Who voting for, the Mormon or the Moron
  122. support OBAMA or ROMNEY and
  123. the real truth about Obama and what he has done so far and intends to do as pres.
  124. Is our country going to get exactly what it deserves if Obama wins again
  125. Are people Obama brainwashed or just so stupid
  126. is the Communist Party endorsing and supporting Obama
  127. With Romney winning in every , does 0bama have any chance
  128. Who going to vote for
  129. Did people forget what Obama stands for, what he's done thus far, and what he proposes
  130. Will President Mitt Romney continually repeat, "I inherited all Obama's problems"
  131. I can't stay clean! I don't know if I am highly unmotivated or mentally unstable. Help!
  132. If your company is in the red and can't pay it's bills
  133. is Barack Obama a communist
  134. do so many people go crazy and act like the world is ending over the election Idk, is the world ending
  135. Romney's and Obama's beliefs
  136. Some of you are so dumb; OBAMA IS NOT A COMMUNIST!
  137. Conservatives, still ask questions that attempt to de-legitimize Obama
  138. do people say Obama is going to turn america into communism
  139. Is Obama a communist
  140. give me a brief history of our great President Obama
  141. return my Ann Summers Kit - Party Organiser (Just Quit)
  142. does a Google search on Saul Alinsky have all these suggestions
  143. Happiness in life is good luck and who you know breaks.
  144. think this article from The Washington Post sums up the Obama Presidency well
  145. Was I just blocked for opining on whether a Community Organizer or Vulture Capitalist is better economically
  146. Politics questions help
  147. would the organizers of the Democratic National Convention book a drug dealer/user, adulterer, and liar
  148. purge my mail acct of the residue files fm Organizer
  149. the most important quality in a president
  150. Running for President should be the most open and transparent thing a Citizen could ever do, honor and
  151. Is it Bush's fault that the Democrats' housing plan failed
  152. Mitt Cayman cares for the people, and health care of the nation will be under his control and leadership,
  153. would the old mad money or cosmetic organizer of the early 1900's need an identification number
  154. know that this is Obamas last political campaign regardless of the outcome
  155. doesn't Obama know a thing about the Constitution Did he study any form of Constitutional Law at all
  156. This is a no-brainer. Who will win the November elections
  157. Mitt Romney Or Barack Obama, a no-brainer
  158. Are these my choices for voting this November
  159. Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, and
  160. Who Will You Vote For This November
  161. Mitt Romney or Barack Obama
  162. Isn't it nice to know that the Majority Of White people here in America are Not racist toward minorities
  163. agree with this article on Obama
  164. think it will be timed
  165. I think I may have changed into a Republican, be helped SAVE ME!
  166. Do NFL fans whimper in corners because they know their NFL teams could be beaten by college teams
  167. Truly Mittens cares for the people, the health care of the nation will be under his control and leadership,
  168. I think I may have changed into a Republican, be helped SAVE ME!
  169. Truly Mittens cares for the people, the health care of the nation will be under his control and leadership,
  170. long did it take you to figure out what kind of person Obama is
  171. Does America have Obama figured out
  172. Truly Mittens cares for the people, the health care of the nation will be under his control and leadership,
  173. will historians view the 2008 election of Barack Obama
  174. Musicians expected to work for nothing at the Olympics
  175. Is Barack Obama the Affirmative Action President
  176. What skills does a community organizer have to qualify him/her to be the POTUS
  177. Is Barack Obama the Affirmative Action President
  178. Is Obama a warning against Affirmative Action
  179. Permanent roadtrip... anything i've missed
  180. case precedent for this case
  181. support Sharia Laws
  182. What say U illegals blast America huge protest rally in Alabama over immigration laws
  183. wife is getting worse with organization and cleaning
  184. What r point of view on this Arpaio protesters: 'We want him behind bars'
  185. the best free personal finance/bill organizer software
  186. is the community organizer in chief blocking the bi-partisan house jobs bill
  187. Obama continues to blame Bush
  188. Is OWS protesting WS instead of DC because they are advocating a violent solution rather than a political one
  189. Haven't the Occupy Wall Street Organizers missed the target isn't it Congress that is fiscally corrupt
  190. long since the US has had a President with as much successful business experience as Herman Cain
  191. Are you glad to see Congress finally come together
  192. are politicians in California such a special brand of retarded
  193. scan a document and change name and address on it
  194. The New York police arrest 80 Wall St. protesters....
  195. The New York police arrest 80 Wall St. protesters....
  196. think the American Electorate had learned anything since 2008
  197. Illegals arrested at 'coming out' rally will Obama case by case grant them amnesty work permits dream act
  198. Professional organizer
  199. do republicans call democrats "libtards", and call obama, "obummer", and ........................
  200. ng people & the ignorant keep blaming rich capitalist for America's depression we are heading into
  201. What think Cali. Students Get Themselves Arrested To Test Obama
  202. Are Americans just too lazy to bother about thinking just what Obama is doing to their country
  203. Can anyone recommend a personal organizer app for iPhone
  204. the top app choices for a Planner/organizer something that can also link up to my accounts
  205. Career Explortion Help (earn 10points best answer) - help soon. thx you! :
  206. I pick and choose which papers to keep and throw
  207. Bill the Butcher was a community organizer as well: thoughts
  208. What think of these college students going on a hunger strike to gain support for the Dream Act
  209. What's a good program for billing needs
  210. People Leaving Without Paying Their Bill
  211. months can arrested Dream Act students last who say they will not eat any food until bill is passed
  212. Should Michelle give BO a Gold Bracelet with, WWBD, on it for Christmas (What would Bill DO)
  213. buy an affordable but cute organizer
  214. are illegals protesting with the Mexico flag DREAM Act agitators. Note which flag they are flying.
  215. Are these acceptable gifts for live-in gf of 2 years
  216. Whats one good thing Obama did for the Chicago Community he was a Organizer
  217. Excel: Subtract if for multiple cells.
  218. agree with this Utah Puts 'Latino Day' on Hold ever have Caucasian day for white people
  219. a good electronic organizer...IPad
  220. are liberals okay with Obamas war, Obamas higher gas costs, Obamas inflation, Obamas debt
  221. HOW TRUE THAT MR. BILL GATES AND THOMAS HOLMES ARE FRIEND and they connected to Madam Andrea Michalewicz
  222. Is today a good day to reflect on the Democrats opposition to the Civil Rights Movement:
  223. Protest outside the White House now.(what)
  224. Does I can download a simple organizer.
  225. Being the Vice President to a Socialist from Kenya, Think his mama is Proud
  226. What if WI protests turn violent
  227. Has anyone heard about or read “The Manchurian President”
  228. Is it better to organize bills by company (Telephone, visa, mortgage) or by date (Jan '11, Feb '11)
  229. Progs think critics of Obama are just being vengeful of they did Bush that ignores reality
  230. Ok I am bit confused is it a good idea to bring 4 & 5 year old children to a rowdy rally called hateful laws
  231. Will US be next Libya illegals getting very restless & vocal in TX soon before our country goes down in
  232. Illegals beg & plead to be deported but ice ignore them are illegals being converted to become radical muslims
  233. Thousands protest immigration bills at state Capitol explain human rights permits breaking nations laws
  234. I'm confused, Obama again
  235. Did President Obama learn to send enemies "Swimming with the fishes" in the Chicago primaries