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  1. If an Obama who did all the things he promised in 2008 ran against the actual Obama we got, who would win?
  2. Assuming the government cut spending, who should receive tax breaks?
  3. Why do we have to take care of everyone?
  4. Republicans block jobs bill and complains about unemployment, They block healthcare expansion and whine that there's no coverage?
  5. What exactly do you want the U.S. of A. to become (for those hate right-leaners, conservatives, Republicans, pro-freedom people)?
  6. When obama says a specific group of people need "help"?
  7. Would you rather have ACA or continue to use ER's for free healthcare sticking us taxpayers with the bill?
  8. Why do hispanics get affirmative action?
  9. why do hispanics get affirmative action?
  10. So a friend on my face book wrote this about Obamacare being bad. I disagree. Where does she get this crap & how do I rebut this?
  11. I have really different interests that don't work together?
  12. Has anyone else's healthcare premium increase under obamacare?
  13. Need help suing a doctor and police!?
  14. Politics: Why are obamacare patients still not receiving the FREE coverage they signed up for?
  15. why continue hating the ACA?
  16. How come Obama allowed $26.2 million in healthcare for illegal immigrants, yet completely ignores our brave Veterans?
  17. how do i find 2 insurance quotes for medicade?
  18. Have the Republicans in the house voted for a jobs bill in the last 4 years?
  19. Who else agrees with bill maher about a maximum wage along with a minimum wage?
  20. Will the VA scandal involve Obama?
  21. Politics: Why is the Republican's Bushcare failing right before our eyes?
  22. Can someone please help me quickly with this stat problem?
  23. What is healthcare reimbursement?
  24. Does government run insurance save money by not paying as much and/or denying people until they die?
  25. Would you rather be sold into slavery or accept government assistance?
  26. Politics: Why are obamacare signees not receiving the coverage they signed up for? LOL?
  27. Politics: Why are Obamacare signees not receiving the coverage they signed up for?
  28. Did President Barack Obama and the Democrats that supported the Obamacare Healthcare even read the bill at all?
  29. Can you help me with my dreams, my life, my depression?
  30. Should California's County and State employee healthcare financially burden the rest of the United States?
  31. Politics: Why are obamacare signees paying for healthcare they aren't receiving?
  32. Just because Hitler was a racist, he was a conservative?
  33. Politics: Why are obamacare signees still not receiving coverage for doctors?
  34. Obama Supporters. What if anything in the past 5 years has BHO done to postively affect you personally. Not anyone else but you.?
  35. How can Barack say there is no excuses for glitches on healthcare website?
  36. why is everything in Britain so expensive?
  37. Politics: If ACA is suppose to insure the uninsured, Why are Obamacare signees still not getting covered?
  38. if I dont belive in going to doctors and modern medicines do I still get punished for not having health insurance?
  39. A High Body Building Supplement Nitric Max?
  40. Views on American Healthcare system?
  41. When was the last time a conservative questioned excessive military expenditure?
  42. Why don't brain dead Liberals realize that their "war on poverty" has only created more poverty?
  43. are libs happy that obamacare is a success in destroying america?
  44. Does Obama Cares mean that a poor guy can now get a Hip Replacement...just like a Rich Guy? Without losing his house, car and savings?
  45. Have you heard? Obamacare will only cost $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years instead of $1.5 trillion!?
  46. Health Insurance?
  47. Liberals, why are you pro choice on abortion but literally nothing else?
  48. Medicare Database For Doctors?
  49. Why not replace Obamacare with a new plan: accommodate pre-existing conditions, while increasing the health care choices for consumers?
  50. Too bad healthcare couldn't be reformed?
  51. How does Medicare in Australia work?
  52. Can a senior citizen who barely makes enough to live get free healthcare?
  53. Im 21, pregnant and i have no idea how im gonna afford this child?
  54. How do American's feel about fact that Illegals will recieve obamacare at a cost that will come from their Tax Dollars?
  55. Poll: On a scale of 0-100, what percentage is left of ObamaCare after all of the changes, waivers, recissions, delays, et al.?
  56. Who would win the presidential liar contest?
  57. Democrats say Tort Reform doesn't work. Is that because it's true or because Trial Lawyers paid them to say it?
  58. if i get a degree in Healthcare Management would i be able to get a job as a medical coder and biller?
  59. Does the healthcare reform bill resolve the issues with our current system? Why or why not? Will it improve pa?
  60. Why Cant Congress pass a bill for Al a Carte Healthcare like car insurance?
  61. Does the healthcare reform bill resolve the issues with our current system? Why or why not? Will it improve pa?
  62. Does the healthcare reform bill resolve the issues with our current system? Why or why not? Will it improve p?
  63. Does the healthcare reform bill resolve the issues with our current system? Why or why not? Will it improve?
  64. Poll: what's your opinion about the Affordable Healthcare Bill?
  65. Do liberals really think we don't know what health insurance costs on Healthcare.gov, they keep acting like its some bargain when its not?
  66. The CBO director says people will deliberately keep their income low so they can qualify for taxpayer funded healthcare, is this progress?
  67. Pros and cons of private and public health care systems?
  68. If you hate Obama Care then would you really hate Hillary Care?
  69. When I see a republican or any party willing to start Universal Healthcare - got my VOTE!?
  70. Do I have to pay for my rape kit??
  71. Why is the affordable care act still claimed to be unconstitutional?
  72. How can you treat Pneumonia from home after a lobectomy?
  73. Politics: When 62 million Americans voted for Obama, Why did ONLY 5 million sign up for obamacare?
  74. Is this a liberal winner?
  75. What am I suppose to do now?
  76. can you use a w2 and healthcare bill for the address to get state id for IL?
  77. I want to become a police officer, but worried about money?
  78. Can you BELIEVE this nonsense: "What bothers me is many red states blocked the bill so millions don't get insurance through the ACA."?
  79. I did not vote Romney... however interesting he was right on issues like Russia and Obamacare, would any who did not support him change mind?
  80. Politics: Obama is suppose to be "free", If you pay 1 cent its a failure, Do you agree Obamacare is a FAILURE?
  81. Live in San Diego. Decent per annum, but can't afford care. Want to abide by law -- Advice!?
  82. What is the GOP plan for getting more Americans on affordable healthcare insurance?
  83. If Obama succeeds in raising corporate taxes, will you enjoy paying them?
  84. Disability & Healthcare SSA?
  85. How would you appeal a denied claim for elective vasectomy/tubal ligation that was deemed "Not medically necessary" by insurance?
  86. Who wins this presidential contest?
  87. Fincancial costs of getting involved in war?
  88. is it amazing that during these hard times nobody has accused The Obama about lying?
  89. Is there a bigger shortage of doctors or nurses?
  90. Do I need to tab Volume 3 in the ICD-9 book for the CPC exam?
  91. Obama Care? Really?
  92. Do you get the idea Democrats whose seat is up for grabs in November wish they had never heard of Obamacare?
  93. When Democrats outspent Jolly 3 to 1 in Florida.Is the writing on the wall for whats coming in November?
  94. Didnt Barry promise in Sept 2013 that we would be able to purchase high quality healthcare for less than our?
  95. If one of the selling points of ACA was to stop families from being broke due to high medical bills, if they?
  96. Things that piss Christians off?
  97. What do you do about a dog bite?
  98. medical preventive procedure?
  99. how far will the uneducated let obama go in ruining America?
  100. Am I the only one who feels the US is NOT good for long term stay?
  101. What's more important to the republicans?
  102. What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
  103. What is the conservative party in Norway for?
  104. The Healthcare Bill was 700 pages long, until conservatives got their hands on it and added 2,000 pages to it?
  105. Should restaurant servers be upset if their tips get cut to cover their Obamacare fair share cost?
  106. Would you support a Constitutional amendment making healthcare a right of all citizens & legal residents?
  107. Aren't you proud of everthing that Hillary has accomplished?
  108. What if Obama helps Russia invade Ukraine to socialize Ukraine?
  109. Biggest healthcare problems in the US?
  110. Do you disagree with the Conservative claims that the ACA is what they have long claimed it is?
  111. How much worse will Obamacare hurt the Economy now that Restaurant Surcharges & Premium Hikes have begun ?
  112. Do Liberals know Obama was fully aware of results his healthcare bill would have on marketplace for insurance?
  113. Is This An Ok Reaction Or Am I Over Reacting?
  114. Why don't cons realize the only way free market healthcare works is if you refuse folks treatment?
  115. Why don't conservatives think that people who work 40 hours a week should be able to live on their wage?
  116. Is the Congressional Budget Office Projection of 1 trillion dollar cost for Obamacare accurate?
  117. Can I use my VA health care at any doctors office?
  118. Why should a doctor accept less money for his services just because a potential patient signed up for ACA?
  119. Do you judge the effectiveness of Congress by the number of bills they pass?
  120. Democrats, do you really want Hillary as president?
  121. Gotta love this one: a Republican admits to wanting to keep his citizens in the dark about healthcare options?
  122. In your opinion, is Obama good or bad and why?
  123. If you do not interpret your roster correctly what impect does your actions have on thers?
  124. If you do not interpret your roster correctly what impect does your actions have on thers ?
  125. How do you feel about the issue of revewing hospital decisions for hospital inpatient care?
  126. What position do I take?
  127. Will Obama bring the carbon market to America as I predicted two years ago that it would happen in 2014?
  128. Liberals should we open the borders and let Mexicans in to get free healthcare and foodstamps?
  129. What other lies do you know about present and pass presidents?
  130. Medical discharge what can happen? Curious?
  131. Do you lean towards liberal or conservative views?
  132. Are you excited to be paying more for less healthcare with the rollout of the obamacare mandate?
  133. Is suicide seriously an option for me?
  134. I recieve Medicare Part D, but I'm not sure if I have Part A or B (need to know for The Affordable Care Act)?
  135. CBO/Report. Do some people actually believe that it is better for the economy that workers quit jobs?
  136. do you think the people who now regret Obamacare are racist freeloaders?
  137. What freedoms have been taken from you under Obama?
  138. Why do people feel Obama has ruined this country?
  139. Do you know what the total cost of the Iraq war will be when the bills come due?
  140. Why do liberals/democrats in Society & Culture always side with evil over good/law abiding?
  141. What would happen if everyone just quit their jobs for healthcare as Nancy Pelosi (D) has encouraged?
  142. What chance does this country have when the far left wing radicals can ram through bills that have almost?
  143. How is "Going Green" a Governmental scam?
  144. Bros, why was it so awesome in America prior to the year 2000, but then after 2000, America started to suck?
  145. Do socialist policies really harm an economy?
  146. Anyone else excited that the young Liberals have to support us and buy our Healthcare?
  147. Have you considered this partial list of Famous Presidential Lies?
  148. What has the ACA actually accomplished to this time 3 Feb 2014?
  149. What are some recent legislative bills that have been introduced to Congress?
  150. What happen to the people if they don't get health insurance in usa?
  151. What percentage of the 12 million illegals in the USA will become Democrats when they become citizens?
  152. The only thing Obama said he would veto was more sanctions on Iran. He didnt say he would do more executive...?
  153. Should Obama have tied a higher Min Wage into the ACA Law from the beginning since they go hand in hand?
  154. Medical Insurance Information?
  155. Where is the Precedence of Felonies in the State of California?
  156. If modern conservatives so staunchly oppose things like gun control, amnesty, and free healthcare...?
  157. How much is a std test at urgent care?
  158. Now that Obama has screwed up the ACA, failed to get Benghazi Murderers how will he screw up Immigation?
  159. What do I do about a neighbors vicious dog?
  160. Will Hillary be "History" by "16"?
  161. 19 years old and want a baby really bad!?
  162. When are you young people going to sign up for Obamacare?
  163. What is the political reason that a poor state like Mississippi usually ranks last in everything positive?
  164. What is the difference between medical coding, medical administrative assistant, and administrative assistant?
  165. Isn't this the most logical way to solve healthcare in America? Not obamacare?
  166. What should I do if a provider doesn't bill me?
  167. What were Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013…?
  168. Should I pursue a Masters degree sooner or later?
  170. giving up on the field I went to school for?
  171. The 13% unemployed figure claimed by conservatives lists every part-time worker as unemployed...?
  172. Ok I have to ask.. Do you people who are for 'Free' healthcare relize what it would do the the Economy?
  173. Why is it taking so long to hear back for health insurance?
  174. Hi I graduated with my A A in medical coding in 2012 is there anywhere that I can take a refresher course?
  175. If 60% of the US GDP is Wall Street trading paper promises back and forth, should Wall Street hire one more?
  176. Anyone know about health insurance? I'm in a little... situation.?
  177. Christie apologized for the bridge closings, can you imagine if Obama apologized for Obamacare?
  178. conservatives, who is famous for saying "I just had an idea. oops. there it went.?
  179. How could the government define for me what I can or can't afford?
  180. Do Americans understand the danger of Amnesty Citizenship for 12-20 Million ILLEGAL Immigrants?
  181. Republicans wrote a bill forcing Congress AND their staff to have ACA, but without the discounts ALL other....?
  182. dying in the waiting room argument?
  183. Australian health care system?
  184. do you dislike Obamacare? Why?
  185. Why did Gloria J. Browne-Marshall blame the 0bamacare disaster on Southern White Radicals?
  186. In as much as Obama has ID'd ACA as his " signature legislation ", is it his Biggest Failure?
  187. Liberals: Can you provide ONE thing in the so called Affordable Care Act that actually addresses the cost?
  188. Where do I go to sign up for fre healthcare visits?
  189. Do cons like Black Bolshevik not understand that presidents have veto power?
  190. Is Obama Care running perfectly now? Let me explain it to the CONS?
  191. What’s a little more unconstitutionality?
  192. Was it intentional that Obamacare would cause greater increases in healthcare premiums in order to cause?
  193. Why does it say you can register to vote on the Healthcare.gov website?
  194. Republicans got over 200 of their suggestions and complaints included in the Healthcare bill, thats how it got?
  195. Has Obama and his Administration really violated the American Constitution as appaears to be the fact?
  196. Politics: What is your favorite thing about the tyrannical socialist eugenics death panel program?
  197. Anyone signed up to "obamacare" yet?
  198. Politics: Do you support about the ACA/Obamacare/Death panels program?
  199. The debate is over. Obama Care is a failure? How can we fix a Failure?
  200. How can people be against corporations yet willingly increase the government's power in the U.S?
  201. Are Democrats admitting the ultra Liberal ACA is heading for a huge Meltdown?
  202. Why are we so worked up about Obama's Obamacare lies when his Benghazi lies were much worse?
  203. So, Cons, what is the GOP healthcare bill they claim they have and which they say is better than the ACA?
  204. I understand that the GOP has a corporation approved alternative healthcare bill; How exciting this is, huh?
  205. Has the CBO estimated the loss of Jobs and Closings of Business when Obama-care kicks in?
  206. Politics: Liberal Democrat Progressives, What is your favorite thing about the Obama regime's ACA?
  207. Will many Republican Governors be losing their job after the next election?
  208. Why do cons ignore the problems the Medicare Part D rollout had?
  209. So now it is Official? Obama has repeatd the Lie of the Year multiple times?
  210. Why are liberals now blaming Conservatives for passing Obamacare?
  211. Politics: Why didn't liberal progressives read the tyrannicalsocialistdeathpanel program before passing it?
  212. Does Obama want everyone to die in the street?
  213. Is raising your premiums and deductibles, worth universal healthcare coverage?
  214. Should America come out of the closet and just admit we are total HO's for getting price-gouged in?
  215. Who is responsible for keeping us out of the best hospitals?
  216. What would the liberals think about these six bills?
  217. Why do some people believe Obama without questioning his motives?
  218. Is there a chip required with the new healthcare?
  219. Why is the lower middle class expected to pay for all of Obamacare?
  220. Why do we stick to the Electoral College system?
  221. Under the new healthcare plan you can change your race?
  222. Politics: Now that 81% of Americans want to repeal obamacare, Do liberal progressives wish they read the ACA?
  223. Do you agree we should have read the bill BEFORE we passed it ?
  224. Is this really a liberals view of things: HIs question was what would be in his stocking at?
  225. How long before Democrats realize that Obamacare cannot be fixed and must be repealed?
  226. Health care. No insurance. Extra charges for an emergency visit!?
  227. Was Obamacare passed "for the people"...Or was Obamacare passed to benefit: Democrats?
  228. Libs , you do realize when small business gets hit with Obamacare you as well as everyone else will pay?
  229. Why do Cons seem to think that America opposes Obamacare?
  230. Are people going to die without insurance because of obama, democrats and liberals?
  231. Do you think Hannity and Limbaugh will pay the healthcare bills of people they convinced not to sign up for...?
  232. Are you voting Republican next year like I am?
  233. Has anyone else been told 50% of the drs. will not be on the new 2014 healthcare plans?
  234. Question's about healthcare deductible?
  235. Question's about healthcare deductible?
  236. Do Republicans have a chance to be heroes with healthcare?
  237. Isn't Gallup, the one which claims Obama's approval is 37%, the same ones that said:?
  238. Can a private physician garnish my check when I get a job?
  239. Should we give up the insurability of people with pre existing conditions?
  240. Can anyone explain why the "healthcare reform bill" is 2500 pages?
  241. Would the GOP agree to a provision in the ACA to be amended to...?
  242. Does Obama forget that we heard him say and it is recorded?
  243. Why haven't any Republicans come up with an alternative plan for healthcare?
  244. Why haven't the House of Representatives presented a bill to defund healthcare.gov servers?
  245. True or False? Prior to Obamacare 60% of all bankruptcies were because of healthcare costs?
  246. How did Obamacare get passed?
  247. How come the substandard President determines what is substandard healthcare plans?
  248. Is our old healthcare system the greatest in the world when over 60% of bankruptcy are from Medical bills/?
  249. Affordable Care Act - Percent of the country for it and percent against it?