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  1. Liberals, what do you think of this conversation between Obama and Hillary on 9/11/2012?
  2. Could I get an apartment?
  3. An AT&T question?!!?
  4. How can I leave my parents house?
  5. Phone scam that looks like we placed the calls, but we didn't- please help!!?
  6. who has the authority to extend your bill?
  7. I'm too poor to feed my son?
  8. How to fix a relationship with your mom?
  9. Phone probs help!?
  10. Does a Financed Cell Phone from Sprint show up as a debt on my credit?
  11. Notifications on phone help???? Best answer?
  12. What's a bill cycle?
  13. my roommate thinks my boyfriend sleeps over too often?
  14. What should I do with my money?
  15. Dish or Direct tv?
  16. How much would my early upgrade cost?
  17. What does it mean when a cellphone unit is disconnected/ turned off?
  18. How can I talk on the phone at night if my parents restrict my phone?
  19. no credit check phone?
  20. Why wont Verizon let me pay my phone bill?
  21. Is 128 Kbps fast for a phone Internet speed?
  22. Experts in internet networking - Please help?
  23. How can I convince my parents to let me get an iPhone?
  24. Software for running business in the field?
  25. How do I get help with a suspended account?
  26. I borrowed money from a relative. what legal implications do I have to pay it back?
  27. Should I forgive her?
  28. Will I still have to pay for a temporarily deactivated phone?
  29. Should i make the effort to move out?
  30. confused about my relationship please help?
  31. if I block my cell phone number wouldn't show upon somebody of the cell phone bill?
  32. Questions about Verizon.?
  33. Is it possible to work two jobs in college?
  34. Need advice from a man's perspective.....again :/?
  35. My teenager wants an iphone 4s... Why is it so special?
  36. Have you ever regretted not telling someone you really like them?
  37. Why am I so jealous?
  38. Statement Balance VS Current Balance on credit card bill?
  39. First time uni student help?
  40. can anyone view my deleted mobile phone search history?
  41. Bank account balance showing negative balance.?
  42. Should I confront someone who is ignoring my phone calls?
  43. Will iphone Skype to Skype show on phone bills?
  44. setuping up a plan with verizon?
  45. how much do i have to pay in total to switch to cricket?
  46. Setuping up a plan with verizon?
  47. Will iphone Skype to Skype free app show on detailed usage on bill? Please read full question!?
  48. Was my phone reported or what's wrong?
  49. Okay so Im on at&ts home Internet and would like to know if what I search on my laptop or phone while I'm on the wifi will show up?
  50. Explain the process of switching from CDMA Cricket to GSM Cricket?
  51. credit card question?
  52. My wife don't take responsibility for nothing, can someone explain?
  53. Blutooth for phone?
  54. Any free mobile spy software?
  55. what does reset statistics mean?on iphone 5s?
  56. Who gets billed when using a calling card for international calls?
  57. Question about mobile phone?
  58. SuddenLink was dishonest with me, what can I do?
  59. Girls help me out please wat do u think?
  60. T-Mobile? Phones? Prices?
  61. is she using me for money?
  62. Will it show on my Verizon bill?
  63. What service would you recommend me?
  64. i cant stand my dad?
  65. Can i get emancipated?
  66. military adultery question?
  67. AT&T phone plan?
  68. Are sliding phones the best phones value wise?
  69. What do i do if my employer is giving me the run-around about my paycheck?
  70. Green Dot Corporation has canceled/blocked my Green Dot card, is this part of their Cardholder Agreement?
  71. AT&T contract is up in November?
  72. I can't get a job? What do I do?
  73. Will I be charged for the stolen phone?
  74. What is the best place to work for a 16 year old?
  75. how to make phone bill not high?
  76. do i have to pay for the months i didnt have?
  77. GIRLS I NEED YOUR BRILLIANT ADVICE ill answer yours 10points best answer?
  78. can I get hiv by touching blood?
  79. Husband burned out with job--what to do?
  80. Question about Hillary for president?
  81. can i get move out at 17?
  82. Is my bf being selfish..?
  83. I'm scared of moving out on my own... I'm 22 yrs old.?
  84. POLLS: Do you have unlimited texting?
  85. My mom is having a not-so-harmless mid-life crisis...advice?
  86. I really like my ex but I don't know if I should tell him or walk away, please read and give me advice, this is from when we started to now!?
  87. Want to join my sprint framily plan?
  88. If I get an unlocked phone can I just get a SIM card and have no monthly bill?
  89. can I charge someone extra if they persit to pay their bill late?
  90. I broke up with my boyfriend why is he not acknowledging it?
  91. Can I replace my broken, prepaid verizon phone with a new prepaid phone and use the same plan?
  92. Which situation is worse?
  93. Should I get a job even though my bf doesn't want me to?
  94. person of interest logic?
  95. Everything you need for a Boston Terrier?
  96. how much is ur phone bill for the iPhone 5s?
  97. Advice who is correct and what should I do?
  98. Can I reduce my phone bill mid contract?
  99. I am in the middle of a divorce. Wife been using family ss numbers to take out credit cards.?
  100. dog losing mobility?
  101. I have insufficient funds in my Verizon account?
  102. 1ST CAR? 2002 Audi A4 4 Dr 1.8T quattro Turbo AWD Sedan?
  103. 20 years old need advice on moving out or not?
  104. my room mates just moved out on the first do they still have to pay pg&e?
  105. Moving from Portland, OR to New Orleans LA. Help me estimate costs?
  106. Can I be sued at age 17 (NYS)?
  107. Can I be sued at age 17 (NYS)?
  108. Can I use my iPhone in Ireland without racking up a giant bill?
  109. Is there a phone that doesn't have apps but has email on it?
  110. Should I take my phone on holiday?
  111. Should i switch phone carriers?
  112. Is there a time limit on debt collection? 10 points?
  113. Interview !?
  114. Straight Talk iPhone apps aren't in cellular data?
  115. Will it ever appear on our bill?
  116. Help with JSA?
  117. Why is my grandmother so nosy and strict? Should she be this way?
  118. The mom of my boyfriend is controlling him?
  119. How can I deal with this difficult person? Help!!!?
  120. Unlocking of my iphone5?
  121. my husbands cheating?
  122. I can't activate a phone I bought on Facebook EXTRA POINTS FOR ANSWERING?
  123. Is Tmobile worth switching to?
  124. Will a suicide hotline show up on my parents' phone bill?
  125. Is a 6.24% good for an auto loan rating?
  126. what should i do about my step dad?
  127. How much do you pay for your smartphone monthly?
  128. How much do you pay for your smartphone monthly?
  129. best cheap phone company for a 16 year old?
  130. how can I get assisted living in ct?
  131. how to get low income housing in Connecticut?
  132. how to get low income housing in Connecticut?
  133. Kind of mysterious thing.. I need your openion about it plz?
  134. How do I tell my parents that I can't loan them any more money?
  135. Is b.b.m free on android or does it appear on my phone bill?
  136. Will candy crush game charge my phone bill?
  137. what are the next steps?
  138. Is it possible to simplify your living and go back to the way you were at one time?
  139. What can I expect to pay per month for an individual cell phone plan?
  140. How can I move out safely?
  141. wrong name on billing address?
  142. Moving to California! Bills, Jobs?
  143. Am I wrong for being slightly annoyed with him?
  144. Does the truth really hurt?
  145. Car finance will I get approved?
  146. small claims court lost car value?
  147. Porn on my phone bill?
  148. Cheapest monthly bill plan for iphone 5s?
  149. Phone without bill?
  150. metropcs phone question?
  151. Unplanned overdraft, not sure how?
  152. Am I worrying too much?
  153. My girlfriend cheated on me?
  154. Who sees my browsing history?
  155. Do you think my mom doesnt want me to work?
  156. International wifi?
  157. Phone bill!?
  158. Write the equation of a line parallel to the line 2x + 3y = 5 and passes through the point (9, -3)?
  159. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem at T-Mobile?
  160. REALLY free international call app?
  161. my exboyfriend cheated on me and now the other girl wants to suing me can she?
  162. If I cancelled my contract with AT&T and owe them money but want to switch to T-mobile for a cheaper plan?
  163. I have a s4 from sprint and it is currently active but not by me?
  164. Will you still be able to text if your phone line is suspended?
  165. My family keeps taking my money ?
  166. electricity not in our name. Should I pay the bill?
  167. Texting apps that support 737 area code ?
  168. My daughters verizon phone will not allow her to sign in.?
  169. If you go over your data limit will your provider send you your history?
  170. Tmobile. Do we have a case?
  171. Need to block messages and calls on my kids phone while travelling in Europe?
  172. i have bad credit but shouldnt have?
  173. Car dealership is trying make me sign new contract?
  174. should i leave my locked up boyfriend? he didnt treat me that good on my bday a week ago.?
  175. What happens when you don't pay your phone bill and you don't have a contract?
  176. Break up with boyfriend now he wants his stuff back?
  177. Can't find a job?
  178. "Change for how much?"?
  179. being adopted has ruined my life any other adoptee fell like that?
  180. Can I live on 1700 a month?
  181. How to travel around the world for cheap?
  182. is the phone disconnected or dead?
  183. AT&T cell phone carrier... If I need to change my phone to a different account?
  184. im sick and tired of feeling like this?
  185. Neighbor wanting to harass AC man?
  186. Best Cheap Mobile Plans for Data?
  187. Do i need to change oil every 3 months?
  188. i need some legal advice?
  189. How do I talk with her parents?
  190. My marriage is having financial problem.I don't make much money but my wife does. She feels and think that she's the one taking responsibiti?
  191. Why does my boyfriend disrespect me?
  192. If I don't pay my Metro PCS bill the previous month, will I have to pay for this month AND the last?
  193. 20 & still living at home?
  194. debating what to give mom for mothers day?
  195. How does this poem make you feel?
  196. My boyfriend doesn't care that he's broke and doesn't want to work?
  197. will it cost me anything?
  198. how long does it take to build up credit?
  199. did i make the right decision?
  200. How to fix my credit score?
  201. Can I sue my mother?
  202. Is this abuse?
  204. JOIN MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!! F01775764yz LAST FOUR DIGITS: 5873 5 SPOTS LEFT, WANT A CHEAP BILL?
  205. Do calls with google voice show up on a verizon phone bill?
  206. Is filing bankruptcy an option here?
  207. how is my "current usage" on my meteor site very wrong?
  208. why is my current used on my meteor site so hig and wrong?
  209. utility bill under a stranger's name?
  210. I want to start investing money into a stock?
  211. Will things I've searched on Instagram come out on my T-Mobile phone bill?
  212. Do you think I'm Wrong?
  213. Do my parents hate me?
  214. My mom and I always argue?
  215. Phone complications?
  216. I'm having an affair and his wife is pregnant?
  217. Practice test help?
  218. Bill for a service was 3x what I was quoted on the phone. Provider says it couldn't have happen, how does this affect a verbal contract?
  219. I'm waiting on a refund from Cox communications but the debit card I used has been deactivated due to fraud. Would the refund go onto new?
  220. Any one know of an easy and effective way to terminate your cell phone contract without an early penalty?
  221. What is the average cost of Media Usage per month?
  222. I am married but I started fantisizing about another man?
  223. Using a dead person's info as a co-signer?
  224. Why do I worry so much?
  225. Can i get advice on a quick start with investing?
  226. Is this Trilegiant/Citibank, N.A. refund check legit?
  227. How much could I settle for my car accident?
  228. Okay I have a galaxy s3 phone from at&t. . . How much would it be to get it turned on with unlimited everything and how much would the bill?
  229. Can anyone give me advice on my phone contract issue?
  230. Is it safe to give my bank account information over the phone to my cell phone company?
  231. Question about tmobile cancellation?
  232. is it possible to find love with kids?
  233. iPhone tmobile help!!!?
  234. accounting ledger question?
  235. iPhone 4 question?
  236. Is it really worth it?
  237. Hate My Father - What Should I Do?
  238. Does anyone else get tired of always having to sign up on websites & all different passcodes?
  239. how to stop a reoccurring app payment?
  240. Can vodafone or my parents ready my texts?
  241. iPhone 4s disconnected but still can text?
  242. Magazine fraud please read!!?
  243. Would They Tax My Savings If I Save too Much?
  244. save up money as a teen?
  245. How can I best handle this work situation?
  246. With the exception of money, should 18-year-olds be mature enough to raise a child?
  247. I RECENTLY WAS TALKED into applying for the walmart credit card and was appproved for1500. I need a phone#?
  248. 50m CAT6 Ethernet attenuation?
  249. does ee contract phones ime blocked from putting another ee sim card in?
  250. I think I might still be pregnant, post medical abortion?