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  1. The "do nothing" House has passed 240 bills (31 written by Dems) that still sit on Harry's Desk. Who's the "Obstructionist"?
  2. why do I feel like this?
  3. Is there a liberal here that is really willing to say they believe the IRS cannot produce Lois Lerner's emails?
  4. Is life just a dream?
  5. We have a $300 energy bill and my mom is saying it costs alot when the air keeps going on and off several times throughout the day?
  6. Why do some people get annoyed by health and fitness enthusiasts?
  7. How much money would i need to live on my own in Dublin?
  8. I have a terrible mother and need help?
  9. Anyone else not love the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim unit?
  10. 100 watt solar panel make how much electricity in a month during summer?
  11. Why did John Kerry lie about WMD's?
  12. What to do about MIL situation?
  13. Physics Power & Efficiency?
  14. How would you feel if this happens?
  15. how do I tell my parents that I don't want to help put in money for bills?
  16. If my husband isn't cheating on me then why all the bad feelings in my gut?
  17. how much do you think i would be paying for electricity in an aparment though Duke energy progress?
  18. If your up for it, I'd appreciate the help.?
  19. i have a question about my weather king central air?
  20. Is Obama being Honest when he says we will save on energy costs and create jobs by fighting the use of coal as an energy source? Since the?
  21. Would you like cheaper gas/electric,and many more?!?
  22. Has electric utility "stonewalled" u on Solar Installation?
  23. Is Obama's plan to lower CO2 emmissions from coal fired power plants a wise course of action when China is using high sulfur coal?
  24. Why would Obama want to implement a plan that would make your energy bill "skyrocket"?
  25. Why does my little brother get away with everything?
  26. how can i grow my height with out medicine?
  27. Why do you think this country is so polarized?
  28. Obama plans to use the EPA to go behind the backs of congress to force coal energy plants to reduce emissions and pay for greenhouse?
  29. Why dont i want sex now that im pregnant?
  30. Are witches real can spells really work ?
  31. Any advice on this girl? What next?
  32. NV Energy??? And Conservice question!?
  33. NV Energy??? And Conservice question!?
  34. Does Hydroxycut Gummies work?
  35. Duke Energy (Formerly Progress Energy)?
  36. how much should I charge for 24 cupcakes?
  37. Suppose denial of climate science, instead of taking off then, had had completely ceased worldwide in 2009, what would be different by now?
  38. Thoughts of Sex?
  39. is josco energy bad or good?
  40. What do these facts tell you about the President?
  41. Why did the GOP kill a bipartisan energy bill today in the Senate?
  42. If the Keystone pipeline is so important why did the GOP block it?
  43. Can we be billed for this? Natural Gas and direct energy?
  44. Whatever happened to all that big fancy talk about this gov taking a more active role in developing some cleaner, cheaper alternatives?
  45. What do you dislike about your utility bills?
  46. Do dbz seem to get weaker as they go on?
  47. Why do religions make people do this?
  48. Am I cursed? Why is this happening?
  49. What idiot lied when they said solar energy was cost effective?
  50. What is wrong with me?
  51. I don't get why my parents tell me to clean our own mess, then give me a bunch of chores that consists of messes they themselves made?
  52. what should I do?
  53. What are the good and bad things about moving out of the parents house at age 18 or 19?
  54. Best graphics card for me to buy, around £100?
  55. Wouldn't massive solar farms and wind farms create a massive heat island effect that causes warming?
  56. How can i get pass this?
  57. Why does fracking make are "liberal" frenz FEEL so bad; is being able to pay the gas bill for a change something they simply WON'T TOLERATE?
  58. Power or Flower?
  59. What are the pros and cons of having a stone house?
  60. Will my mom go to jail?
  61. When all the oil is gone who will you blame?
  62. My dad is losing his mind?
  63. Fireplace in mobile home?
  64. Oil change in a mercedes r-350?
  65. Do fat burning pills work?
  66. 23 yr old female, mother if two. low sex drive. how can i get it back?
  67. Do you think my parents hate me?
  68. UK good people - why don't people like Ed Miliband - leader of the UK Liebour Party?
  69. Do Mutli-Level Marketing (MLM) companies really work of where you can make good money?
  70. how do you deal with an extremely evil psychotic mother?
  71. what is the most energy efficient pergola material?
  72. How can I persuade my Mom into getting me a dog?
  73. How did shooting the Bundy's prize bulls help the BLM collect grazing fees?
  74. PLEASE HELP!(Homework,grade7) Can someone please help me make corrections punctuation wise and grammar(and please help me make it better).?
  75. I am a Christian, but I am also a hippie/stoner living the "fast life". Am I saved or no?
  76. Am i a bad mom? please no immature comments?
  77. Dbz fans can you please read this? and tell me what you think?
  78. My landlord is trying to make me pay half the energy bill on our shared meter.?
  79. I think I'm depressed. I also have insomnia. What should I do?
  80. Am I a horrible person... Is this the right decision?
  81. please help with career questions?!?!?!?
  82. Analyzing my budget, I'm shopping for cheaper utilities. What can be my options?
  83. please help with career exploration?! 10 points!!!?
  84. What kind of improvements can I make to this paragraph?
  85. How can we use thermally insulated render in the right way and What are its benefits?
  86. Did my VET overcharge me on my bill?
  87. Allied Energy Corporations?
  88. Allied Energy Corporations?
  89. Allied Energy Corporations?
  90. Allied Energy Corporations?
  91. I need to leave this house!?
  92. Is my rap any good? Honest opinions?
  93. What created matter? Where does consciousness come from?
  94. john stands at rest on a skateboard. the combined mass of john and the skateboard is 75 kg. johns friend bill throws a 2.0 kg ball horizonta?
  95. Why wont democrates support an energy bill sponsored by ted cruz and ok congressman jim bridenstine?
  96. I am stressed and don't know what to do?
  97. HERO energy financing tax deductions?
  98. Should I teach abroad?
  99. What Democrats in either house of congress have introduced bills to cut corporate welfare in the last?
  100. Using your best guess, what percentage of atheists do you suspect believe in ghosts?
  101. Metal roofing tips.?
  102. How are energy bills calculated in the UK?
  103. Are CONS ANGRY Obama built more private sector jobs in 2010 then Bush did in 8yrs? Do they miss the bundles of TRILLIONS spent on WAR?
  104. What would you think about a major energy infrastructure program, focusing on renewable energy?
  105. Is there a way to fix the UK economy without austerity ?
  106. Dine and Dash at Denny's?
  107. Why does nuclear power school in the Navy have a high attrition rate?
  108. Best breeds??? please help!!!?
  109. what is your opinion on obamacare?
  110. 10 month old staffy has been at the vet for 8 days with parvo?
  111. Stomach pumping without an adult?
  112. Can I take someone to a small claims court and win?
  113. Is this considered misrepresentation?
  114. What is the maximum torque specifications in relation to absolute tonnage that must be applied equally?
  115. UK ONLY!!! Why is austerity so bad?
  116. Do you understand how numbers work when you vote OR don't vote?
  117. do energy drinks like red bill n momater etc contain bull sperm?
  118. Will air-conditioner save more energy at 26 degree than 24 degree?
  119. can we get money out of politics and stop corruption.?
  120. Hypothesis for which insulator is better fibre padding or foam?
  121. Should I get a ferret?
  122. My parents after my suicide attempt?
  123. I'm in love with someone who doesn't know I exist?
  124. Relationship issues involving a home and my boyfriends mother?
  125. How can I convince my parents to let me get a ferret? Please help!?
  126. Do you know how we could have used this many kWh?
  127. Moving to Sevierville Tennessee. Help!?
  128. how do America enforce their own Amendments?
  129. Should I take this job? I am in a jam. I need people's wisdom.?
  130. If the universe is totally made up of energy then way isn't it free or cheap.scientific resurch cost billions.?
  131. Does anybody know, or has anyone ever tried diet pills that work effectively?
  132. Lights and refrig questions?
  133. Why do couples argue when they have a baby?
  134. Are liberal Hollywood actors hypocrites?
  135. UK How much are the bills for a one bed flat?
  136. Need help choosing between my two girlfriends.?
  137. Honestly, do people really notice if I a leader in office at war time didn't serve when they were younger?
  138. Computer build PSU help?
  139. I cannot get charged for bribery this way, correct?
  140. How much energy does a church use?
  141. Detroit, etc. If Obama drives up the price of energy to pay for global warming, who will pay poor blacks'?
  142. My mom won't stop controlling me?
  143. Why we need wires and electronics what is the use of them at all . I get about solar energy but why the rest?
  144. Would you ever do this to your teens?
  145. True or False? If Obama was the President of Kenya & he stuck the State of Kenya with a $7 Trillion debt?
  146. I'm not getting any answers!! You dont have to read the whole thing? How's my writing?
  147. What do you think of this piece of writing? I'm not getting any answers!!!?
  148. If your bridesmaid RSVPed then changed her mind?
  149. energy saving device?
  150. Energy Saving Socket thing?
  151. how can eco friendly homes help the environment?
  152. Why Do You Believe Morality Can't Come From Evolution?
  153. Do Tesla Tower supporters realize it was rejected because there was no way to bill users of the power?
  154. Who Won the Bill Nye Vs. Ken Ham Debate?
  155. Is Joe Kennedy II the last American useful idiot for the Venezuelan regime?
  156. Hydro One forced to be sold to competitor?
  157. The universe and its demize?
  158. Hydroxycut and water?
  159. Is it true the average welfare recipient gets more money than someone on SS or disability?
  160. my friend has a reptile home?
  161. why should we even work today?
  162. Is America Really the best Country on Earth?
  163. Can an iPhone charger be used to condition electricity to be put back into the grid?
  164. What are some ways to save energy in my home besides turning off lights and using energy efficient bulbs?
  165. My friend uses me? Plus how to ignore someone who puts you down.?
  166. Are R'edneck Cons mad that their 2015 Ford F150 will be getting much better gas mileage?
  167. Hydroxycut max for women?
  168. Do chinchillas make good pets?
  169. renting for the first time?
  170. please give me opinions i have some serious family problems?
  171. Is Rafael (Ted) Cruz posturing for a 2016 presidential run?
  172. I'm not getting e-mails from certain senders?
  173. How is it that Global Warming causes more extreme weather patterns?
  174. Why are Cons and Liberals so opposite on their views of money?
  175. Should I turn in someone for state assistance fraud?
  176. Do democrats agree with Obama raising their electricity costs 70-80%?
  177. is just enegy a scam? keep billing my daughter?
  178. Are you watching The Big Benefits Row on Channel 5? Now on Freeview 44 – Ch 5+1 ?
  179. Was cutting food stamp benefits to give the money to the Koch Bros. the right choice for the USA?
  180. Big dog plays too rough? Tramples smaller dog?
  181. What qualities should a young medical student have??
  182. So I was watching the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate and I have a question....?
  183. How start making money as a musician?
  184. Would you support a single payer welfare system?
  185. I am lost and confused with life in general?
  186. My Great Dane takes things off the coffee table when we leave, how do I get him to stop?
  187. What's up with my "best friend" !?
  188. An open question to atheists...?
  189. Would you still support fracking, even if it did NOT lead to lower bills?
  190. solar and utility accuracy?
  191. Assuming there is insulation, which is better brick or frame?
  192. Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my Furnace and Air Conditioner?
  193. Hydroxycut, did it work for you?
  194. Propane is too expensive now. What elec heater is efficient that I could use for approx 900 sq feet?
  195. Why do so many farmers support Republicans when they are totally dependent on the government?
  196. Can someone help me with my German Homework?
  197. How warm should the air from my central heat be?
  198. outline the pros and cons of energy efficient home?
  199. Should my roommate pay more for the electricity bill?
  200. How do you balance a strained relationship with your mother?
  201. Weight loss pills that work??
  202. What is the landlords duty in regards to backyard gating for a two-unit rental for pet owning tenants?
  203. How should I set my thermostat to save on my energy bill?
  204. Does hydroxycut work?
  205. If anyone have an experience with cirrhosis, ascites please give me some advice about treatment. Thank you.?
  206. Why is the world a cold & unfriendly place?
  207. I hope my mother fucking dies?
  208. Best 4-16x44 scope for less than $200?
  209. A good dog breed for me?
  210. People with oil fired heating...?
  211. Would you support a new jobs bill if it were introduced?
  212. What Are The 10 Most Outrageous Examples of Government Waste For 2013?
  213. What is the average energy cost of a 3 bedroom apartment?
  214. Can you please correct my project in english?
  215. Should I give up? Please read. I need help.?
  216. I went to this therapist and she stated that I had a schizoid thought disorder? Srry its long?
  217. Liberals, what would have happened on a green-power system instead of a natural gas-system?
  218. Question about Heater/Air Conditioner?
  219. Is hydroxycut good? I bought the one that says no caffeine?
  220. Is it safe to use HydroxyCut, and how do I use it? Is it possible to mix 2 different HydroxyCut items?
  221. If I take Hydroxycut two times instead of three times a day, will it still work?
  222. There is a thermometer in my fridge. There has been more than one occasion when it is At 40 degrees?
  223. Why was it OK for Bush/GOP to pass 2 Stimulus programs (2001/2003) but BAD for Obama to pass 1 weak program?
  224. Is it safe to be using hydroxycut and beta alanine at the same time?
  225. can a solar panel kit be connected to both batteries and the grid?
  226. Hydroxycut Max. How does it work?
  227. Will 2014 be the first year in over a decade that Democrats show an interest in improving the US economy?
  228. Why do Conservatives express their dislike of hybrid cars and solar panels entering the marketplace?
  229. Why do people live such dull lives?
  230. am i going insane or is it real??
  231. Recently bought solar panels?
  232. How much more do you think my parents electricity bill would be if I put a mini fridge in my room?
  233. I hate this I can't do this anymore?
  234. When is the best time to replace a furnace?
  235. what weight loss pills are effective?
  236. Dragonball Z Battle of Gods, need help understanding?
  237. I just want to be alone?
  238. Welfare: Realistic, wishful thinking, or cover-up – which are you?
  239. Is running both xboxs a waste of energy?
  240. Four dogs- is this too many?
  241. Who would win Goku or Madara?
  242. Why is it that I dream of something and it happens the next day?
  243. How did “sagebrush rebels” feel about the federal government?
  244. Should I get rested or should I push harder in life?
  245. do newer fridges have to expend more energy when warm food is placed inside of them?
  246. Why did Reagan support rebellions in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Grenada?
  247. is it possible to store energy long-term (3-6 months) using renewables like solar and wind turbines?
  248. how can i get a miracle?
  249. How is it that we ship jobs overseas and then cut unemployment benefits?
  250. Dont know what to look for in a PSU.?