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  1. Need help! i hate my dads girlfriend?
  2. Should the UN help people in Detroit pay their water bills?
  3. Is Detroit really a part of the United States?
  4. What can I do about a contractor not finishing the job like quoted?
  5. Water bill weirdness with rental apt?
  6. I this the Utopia liberals are trying to create for the rest of us?
  7. Off the raider questions... Lol?
  8. how do you read a water meter?
  9. lonely at 16?
  10. I'm trying to save money for a house in 7 months?
  11. I wish to move to London?
  12. why would wasting electricity or tap water be bad for the environment?
  13. how do I quit my job immediately?
  14. apartment complex holding me to payments past lease end date.?
  15. How to lose weight?
  16. Is it stupid to get a journalism degree?
  17. Where can I find a story of a child/family dealing with hunger?
  18. Apps where I can make phone calls without number?
  19. 10 days late, negative test?
  20. Can I sue My mother and her Bf for not paying money the owe me?
  21. My dog won't eat and is puking?
  22. Please advise me if you can! Water Bill problem?
  23. Estimating expenses on an apartment and bills?
  24. Owning a horse?
  26. How do I make my husband start peeing in bottles rather than using the toilet so I can save money on my water bill?
  27. How to lose belly and thigh fat?
  28. Maths GCSE question?
  29. in michigan does a landlord have to legally have seperate water meters in a rental house or can they bundle all tenants water use into one b?
  30. Question about renting a house?
  31. Need to make 3xs Rent?
  32. Is anyone afraid of the future?
  33. Sewage backup cleaning, turned this one down, was this the right choice?
  34. What is wrong with my frost free yard hydrant?
  35. what does "water bill" mean?
  36. what does "water bill" mean?
  37. Should i or shoudnt i?
  38. What's cheaper, washing machine or doing laundry by hand?
  39. What parts should I replace on an old car? Even if they aren't broken I'd like to replace them before they do.?
  40. Poll: is this what you do ? You get a Final Notice in the mail for your water bill :?
  41. Australians, do you think the cost of living is too expensive?
  42. how can i prove that my bill of energy is wrong?
  43. I Feel like im being used and mistreated by my family.?
  44. Haven't heard from my boyfriend in 48 hours what now?
  45. I'm new to bass fishing and would like to know more on how to use soft bait minnows and shallow water crankbaits?
  46. On B/B why are Bill and Justin acting so shocked with what happened?
  47. Could I afford an apartment for 550 dollars a month if I make 11 dollars an hour?
  48. Any spelling or grammar error?
  49. Hydro Bill Cost Southwestern Ontario?
  50. My cat is sick and I don't know what to give him to eat.?
  51. What's so wrong with Fracking?
  52. Where can we cut costs without losing any of our utilities or tv?
  53. I plan on getting some pet fish?
  54. Is it cheaper to use an electric plug-in burner instead of the gas stove?
  55. Do you wash clothes by hand and have you noticed if it really saves you money or not?
  56. Does the water company have the right to damage your property to read your meter?
  57. What should I do?
  58. Money help!?
  59. Will liberals accept drinking toilet water to save the planet?
  60. is it okay for me to take baths with my dad still(im 16)?
  61. What else do I need to save for, since I'm retired and a homeowner?
  62. Why are toilets at Stations in Melbourne constantly flowing with millions of litres of water been wasted?
  63. Why is no one worried about the leaking toilets at Melbourne train stations?
  64. landlord is being unreasonable!!!?
  65. Paranoid about new world order/ zionists/ bill gates- please help!?
  66. Should my boyfriend contribute towards my rent?
  67. Feminists, can you answer this hypothetical scenario/question honestly?
  68. need assistance with paying my water bill?
  69. Can Roommate kick me out after 8 months of living and electricity in my name?
  70. How long can you hold in poop?
  71. How much are bars and strip clubs in Japan?
  72. How much will my bills be?
  73. the owner is harrassing me to pay for sewer when on my lease it doesn't states it.?
  74. Cat issues...We have a five year old girl that has had FLUTDS for two years now and nothing we do helps.?
  75. Is refusing to buy food for a minor neglect?
  77. Funny jokes to tell at school?
  78. Why does my teen take 40 MINUTES in the shower?
  79. My parents are making me pay the family's water bill and my phone bill! Help!?
  80. Credit problems?
  81. Why does my dad scream at me all the time?
  82. why the teacher union is on strike again? it's hurting aaa credit rating now?
  83. is it difficult to own an apartment alone?
  84. Do garbage men check off every home they collect trash from?
  85. Why is my Electric bill so high?
  86. do i have the right?
  87. What is wrong with him?
  88. How much are utilities in a LA apartment?
  89. Shower turned off but water is still coming?
  90. Ramadan:Why educated & intelligent west is taken for ride by Multinationals?
  91. I rent privately we had a water leakage from the pipes on the property causing the water to be extremely high water is in my name should the?
  92. ACCOUNTING help with journal entries!?
  93. My dog wouldn't stop jumping up so i kneed her in the chest. Know she cant stop coughing. What do I do?
  94. ACCOUNTING help with these few journal entries!?
  95. Best freshwater fish for a 10 gallon tank?
  96. i love to listen song any one give list of best song?
  97. A few questions about feeding young piranhas?
  98. Do you think I'm ready for a horse..? *Please Answer*?
  99. Stop water service over summer break?
  100. Why do conservatives call liberals communists?
  101. What happens if you don't miss house payments?
  102. Help please I am worried about my puppy?
  103. How to lose belly and thigh fat?
  104. Dad Only Allows Me to Take Baths??!!?
  105. new water pump,timing belt kit and casing?
  106. Average bills for rented 1 bed flat?
  107. HELP!! Financial trouble assistance?
  108. what are the average bills for a family of four in north carolina?
  109. Can I send my neighbor the bill for water leak claim?
  110. Weird sounds in stomach and constant nausea, what is going on?
  111. hot water is off. how to heat up bathwater. Is there a device I can buy instead of pots with stove water.?
  112. If you're going to to be gone for a couple of months, how much of the bills should you pay?
  113. Utility Question in SC?
  114. Major Family Issues. I really need help. Mostly dealing with financial?
  115. How much do you think is the bare minimum a person can survive off of?
  116. If I owe a big bill to the water company and i am not living in my house for couple of years and I don't want increasing to my bill?
  117. Cost of bills in Australia?
  118. What are the funniest short jokes to tell a girl on MSN >?
  119. Hello All..?
  120. My 2 month old puppy hasn't been acting the same since taking Iverheart Max for deworming?! He hasn't had an appetite but is drinking water.?
  121. Do I qualify for FAFSA?
  122. Getting kicked out what do I do?
  123. Adaptations of finches? Easy biology question. 10 points best answer?
  124. Is my timing belt new or old?
  125. I'm hungry but can't afford food?
  126. Help me please! Accounting Homework due tomorrow!?
  127. Recycling, is it too difficult of a concept?
  128. How much can she sue for?
  129. Planning on donating my hair tomorrow but I can't tell if I have lice or dandruff?
  130. How much are all bills paid?
  131. Do I set my utility bills up for when I move in, or when the lease begins? Please help?
  132. Living cost of a student?
  133. Apartment bill questions I need to know before I move this week. Please help me.?
  134. Is it necessary to keep my basement at 40% humidity?
  135. Water consistently gushing out of water softner drain. Is this normal?
  136. My girlfriend punched me last night?
  137. Would this be another example of Republican revisionism?
  138. first time visitting bar.. was i being to sensitive/awkward/weird...?
  139. Bone broth using a gas cooker?
  140. Keeping A Cat Away From Someone?
  141. I have a lust for power, but what career do I pick?
  142. What do you do if SS payee might be misusing your social security checks?
  143. How long should I keep utility type bills after I've paid them?
  144. Is this fair for my mom to do?
  145. Help please my puppy has bloody diarrhea and my breeder is lying to me!?
  146. Is it possible to extract data from a dead phone?
  147. what s wrong with my water pipes?
  148. is chaffed Bundy worried that he's running out of still water to bathe in?
  149. How do I break a lease with another signer?
  150. Is my landlord making me pay her gas bills?
  151. Professional Wrestling: Who do The People/Jay26 is more 'Overrated'?
  152. My partner and I are moving in together. How do you suggest we handle finances?
  153. who is more racist; Sharpton, Shabazz, Cliven Bundy, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Robert Byrd or Maxine Waters?
  154. Do I have a bacterial vaginosis?
  155. C++ programming using Bloodshed Dev C++?
  156. Which sounds like a better deal?
  157. How to work out cost effectiveness?
  158. Ideas for something to draw?
  159. How does one claim a principality/Micro-nation like Sealand did?
  160. First house?
  161. Can I be reimbursed for rent?
  162. Is there something wrong with me?
  163. What would happen if I did this to my landlord?
  164. How much would it cost me to live on my own in Middlesbrough?
  165. I have a sore throat/headache, any fast acting home remedies?
  166. Can I afford $650 a month by myself?
  167. Why does Insurance adjuster want to get me on the phone instead of emailing me or sending certified letter?
  168. If Bundy knocked and asked to use toilet, would cons think not paying his water bill was a similar act of heroism?
  169. lights on but no bill?
  170. I was given a verbal estimate over the phone by a plumber. When he completed the job the bill was 4x the amount. Is there anything I can do?
  171. Alright, mortgage questions here.?
  172. im needing to move out of my house because of these reasons.?
  173. Can somebody help with my all electric high bill please?
  174. Why do people assume this?
  175. Please help? Need advice?
  176. Hello how can i get a family to help me and my five kids please?
  177. Why didn't then President William Jefferson Clinton go all the way with Monica Lewinsky?
  178. What would happen if I did this to my landlord?
  179. Could I get into any legal trouble if I did this to my landlord?
  180. First slow shutter speed water photographer?
  181. How much is a down payment for braces in the state of Tx?
  182. If you are interested in buying a house, what are things that you really pay attention to?
  183. Why is the Bureau of land management using German Shepard attack dogs?
  184. Rainbow Boa has a Respiratory Infection - PLEASE HELP TREAT- NO VET NEAR!?
  185. I want to kill myself but I don't know why?
  186. Permanent Residence For EEA members?
  187. how much do rats cost over a year?
  188. Water in house stopped working!?
  189. I've been eating too much junk food, any ideas on a vitamin/mineral packed drink/snack to help me feel better?
  190. Is it cheaper to live in a hotel than an apartment?
  191. water bill?
  192. Help! My guinea pig has hay in her eye and can't open it!!?
  193. Need Parental Advice For Help With My Teenage Son!?
  194. Can you download apps if your Smartphone is turned off?
  195. Do most poor people have kids because they will get a welfare check?
  196. how much does it cost to maintain a pool? First time home buyer.?
  197. Tips on moving in a apartment for the first time?
  198. Why are my electric and water bills nearly ten times higher than they should be?
  199. Which is better? Job/career question.?
  200. Can I get a stress leave from work?
  201. Advice for the future? Career advice?
  202. Can my mom claim me on her taxes?
  203. If God could command a great flood to kill humanity, save Noah & his family (who were also good)...?
  204. How much is average water bill for Lima, Ohio?
  205. Who does the Community Association Institute (CAI) represent, home owners or business?
  206. I don't have enough money to feed my son? Considering adoption?
  207. 10 pts. What are the chances of pre-cum getting you pregnant ???
  208. Do water parks have water bills?
  209. What are the chances of precum getting you pregnant?
  210. Precum and condom broke? Help?
  211. Water bill is extremely huge?
  212. Water Bill: What's the difference between Water and Sewer?
  213. Condom broke, precum? Help?
  214. Moving into an apartment, utilities question?
  215. My Hot water isn't lasting as long and electric bill is wildly high. Why could this be?
  216. What are your thoughts on Meddle by Pink Floyd?
  217. Has this happened to anyone else while watching Eyes Wide Shut?
  218. Kicked out at 18 what do i do?
  219. I cant figure this out can someone help me!?! Its for my Anatomy class?
  220. A moral question.?
  221. Did you know 150,000 houses in Detroit are having their water shut off?
  222. Should I take my dog to the vet for eating stuffed animals?
  223. Why Won't My Leopard Gecko Eat?
  224. Skin around eyes is dry, itchy, and burns?
  225. What are the legal rights in lost pet disputes in Utah? Is the owner legally bound to pay me back for looking after its sick pet?
  226. My boyfriend & I are wanting to live on our own...?
  227. Contractor messed up a valve on our water main and had to call water company?
  228. Is this remotely normal behavior for a parent an adult?
  229. How do I get my dog to drink more water?
  230. How do I get my dog to drink more water?
  231. Lower or eliminate hospital bill?
  232. Why is the West Coast more laid back and "Liberal" than the East Coast?
  233. What will happen to my mail?
  234. Older 20 Year Old Sister still living at home?
  235. My budgies general health checkup?
  236. What are my rights as beneficiary of an estate?
  237. How expensive is the live in UK... how much are the bills, rent, water, gas, light, internet...?
  238. What should I about my sister living with me?
  239. Cat suddenly has a runny nose and drools pls help?
  240. Why does my wiffe always try to undermine my business?
  241. What bills do you have to pay for a static caravan?
  242. Can someone help me work out the distribution of the Esate?? (wills)?
  243. Can someone help me work out the distribution of the estate?? (Wills and probate)?
  244. Do States offer grants for services, that apply to enviormental clean up?
  245. Can someone help me work out the distribution of the estate?? (Wills and probate)?
  246. How do I stop my dad from charging at the store?
  247. Can someone help me work out the distribution of the estate?
  248. What is with the latest wave of corruption in the Democratic Party?
  249. Im in a tough situation please help me and my daughter's?
  250. Excel Problem?