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  1. What all do i need to do after getting married.?
  2. Is it appropriate to throw my friend a benefit?
  3. Why are adults so cruel to young adults who can't afford healthcare?
  4. should I stick up for my wife in this particular situation?
  5. $82 a month for health insurance. So what happened to those outrageous prices that Conservatives claimed were under Obamacare?
  6. How do you feel about people that are a drain on society?
  7. garnishment s?
  8. Grocery tips for a budget of $5 a month?
  9. I'm just wondering, but do a lot of girls/women have the mindset of: "I don't really have to work because a guy will pay my bills."?
  10. In the U.S, are people actually required to pay out of pocket for for surgery/medical treatment in hospital?
  11. Can We Fix Our Relationship?
  12. Do men leave their wives if they had tumors?
  13. What must b the perfect diet to grow fat?
  14. Help with my friend (mental health, hated job, money)?
  15. Osprey Emergency Physicians and the Afforable care act?
  16. What happens if a Soldier is denined a Citi-Bank Goverment Travel Card?
  17. Why is there so much stigma against me living home at 25 when I work full time and pay my own bills?
  18. can I opt out of health insurance offered by my university?
  19. Should I file for Bankruptcy?
  20. Mental health/Suicide HOTLINE?
  21. Tourist health insurance USA & Canada?
  22. Can I adopt my friend?
  23. Is shutting down the government really a smart way to protest the health care bill?
  24. PLEASE HELP!!!Any Ideas On How To Make Healthy Eating A Law?
  25. Should i get a hamster, mouse, or gerbil?
  26. Unpaid Medical Bill?
  27. l have a one year old rescue cat, she is very aggresive at times and the hubby and l were clipping her claws and he either cut one too close?
  28. how important is it for your wife to stay slim?
  29. What food/drinks burn fat?
  30. Is it normal to feel this self-conscious?
  31. Is Tim Hudak a red tory or a blue tory?
  32. Question for the girls please answer?
  33. Question aboiy medicaid plz help?
  34. Girls please help me out wat do u think?
  35. Are CONS extremely ANGRY that they LOST their WAR on HEALTH in America? Are they planning a blitz ATTACK or ACCEPTED that it's a good thing?
  36. who pays for my temporary disability?
  37. What is up with my dogs recently?
  38. Pregnant Wife: Insurance Terminated, Where can I get one in the next 1-3 Days?
  39. Is it possible to pay your own rent, health insurance, tuition,phone bill, and gas making 9 an hour?
  40. is it realistic to get every partner tested before you have sex?
  41. Single for 3 years and sick of it!?
  42. Why did Republicans block the Veterans Health Bill?
  43. Do medical bills for charity work?
  44. Is it true that the only time the wealth gap shrunk was during?
  45. Democrats, what do you think about the Koch's receiving subsidies from your Obamacare?
  46. Can't afford health insurance but my illness is getting worse, what do I do?
  47. my cockatiel died on Tuesday?
  48. Is investing in anything worth it or dont bother?
  49. If I get health care coverage will that reduced my other medical bills?
  50. Medically Separated from the Navy while at NNPTC?
  51. What could I have wrong with me?
  52. Tighter bankground check laws were passed today in Congress. Are conservatives happy....?
  53. Do door-to-door salesmen have the right to coerce consumers into subscribing for their services in Australia?
  54. Do door-to-door salesmen have the right to coerce consumers into subscribing for their services in Australia?
  55. Im in a horrible abusive relationship. I have no where to go and he pays all the bills. What should I do? Im ready to live in my car but I h?
  56. senator sanders has a bill to make it easier for vets to get health care in the private system. good r not?
  57. Is This Amxiety?
  58. Republicans what advice would you give me?
  59. I have a white Great Dane with 9 black spots ( I don't know if its a white or a harlequin) What is the best color that it could mate with ?
  60. GUYS: What makes a man fall in love with a woman?
  61. In Australia is medicare free?
  62. How does one get mental health assistance in Texas when you cannot get a DR or med professional?
  63. What do you think of my suggestion for a bill?
  64. will health care reform fix the following cost?
  65. Is financial difficulty a good reason to avoid dating a woman?
  66. I was sued for credit card dept. Can they take my car or my household belongings?
  67. I need help to diagnose my girlfriend, I don't know where else to go or what to search anymore.?
  68. Does the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have the sweetest temperment of all dog breeds?
  69. help?!!!!! please!!!!?
  70. Any thoughts on this?
  71. Health Insurance question?
  72. can i get an external review for a claim of ive had my insurance since 2005?
  73. What can make me go to sleep fast?
  74. What should I do for my Achilles pain?
  75. boyfriend cheating!! how do I read his texts?
  76. Does it seem like my boyfriend just doesnt care about me?
  77. Is slashing VA funds and blocking Veterans Bills the way that Republicans honor our Heros?
  78. Do you agree with Karl Rove on Hillary's possible brain damage, one would think you have to have a brain to begin with to damage it?
  79. Should I keep paying for health insurance?
  80. American scared about going to canada?
  81. emergency cat question?!?
  82. If I use my health insurance for this visit, will it show up on the bill?
  83. My dog is sick?!?
  84. Need advice on how to deal with my family while still living at home until i turn 18 in 7 months please help?
  85. what's the difference between can't do and can't be doing?will do and will be doing?
  86. red mark on groin wont go away. herpes?
  87. What health insurance should I buy?
  88. Is it true that Obama is the greatest threat to Civil Liberites in years?
  89. Someone please explain to me what quarantine means?? (Animals)?
  90. What are all the tests that are available for a preventative care visit?
  91. By taking hydroxycut without exercise will i still lose weight?
  92. Other than give the tycoons who funded his election campaigns billions in corporate welfare, what has Obama done?
  93. why isn't my dog playing with other dogs?
  94. I want to lose weight fast?
  95. Why are Cons so hypersensitive about the questions we want answered about Bush Jr.; if he's worth defending, then defend him?
  96. How to get someone to stop smoking?
  97. Algebra questions?
  98. Relocating to Houston.. what are the average monthly living expenses?
  99. My cat has a cold?
  100. Do I have healthcare fraud here?
  101. I wanna kill myself?
  102. My mom hates having animals?
  103. Has all the money donated for 9/11 families been misspent and stolen or is there still some left for expenses and salaries?
  104. Depression & Anxiety has destroyed the best years of my 20's. I feel hopeless now with no direction. Could you lend some advice?
  105. Bulldog names what do you think?
  106. Cant control the desire to spend,spend,spend?
  107. How much should i save up to for a fresh new start in Georgia?
  108. Dog ill? Vet bills?
  109. I hit a cyclist with my car?
  110. I do not know what to do with my crazy husband. Help!?
  111. What are the pro & cons of joining he military, marines, or air-force?
  112. someone stole my money at school?
  113. stay at home mom very difficult situation how can I make money?
  114. what brain chemistry is the cause why smokers cannot quit smoking once and for all? professional scientific answers most appreciated.?
  115. Work or school?
  116. Why did the past Corp Health care industry FAIL to reform Health care?
  117. Have a new job and don't know how to quit my old one?
  118. What to do?
  119. How much should I be getting paid?
  120. Wife works but dosent want to help support us financially?
  121. Who should pay for a drug adverse reaction?
  122. Obamcare supporters: What I am I supposed to do?
  123. Not a question, but rather a sincere goodbye to all fellow forum friends.?
  124. Does my health insurance cover antibiotic/steroid shots for strep throat?
  125. Am I bad single mom because of these reasons?
  126. What part does Obama not understand?
  127. Which President was a bigger liar..Clinton or Obama?
  128. What is the costs of uncompensated care in the US on average every year?
  129. Wife wants to move after many hardships. What do I do?
  130. The pros and cons of Obamacare?
  131. How to get 6-pack abs with little or no money for a healthy diet?
  132. When should a person make out a will and/or have estate planning?
  133. i am pregnant and have medical insurance but when my son is born he will not. how can i get medi-cal for my newborn son?
  134. Applying for Medical Assistance?
  135. Should I study veterinary medicine or human medicine?
  136. Considering Adoption- So do you think I could find an adoptive couple for my baby with these requirements?
  137. Senior Citizens in USA, what should minimum wage be?
  138. Who is correct? Obama stating health care costs will be lowered by obamacare or Sebelius stating costs would go up?
  139. is this temp safe?
  140. How do i get help for depression? Read?
  141. how do i get this baby out of me?
  143. Why do developed countries in Europe and the US have so much debt compared to BRICS countries?
  144. my golden retriever smells absolutely terrible! help!?
  145. Brown vs. White rice for diarrhea in cats?
  146. Hi, I was in a car accident a month ago, will my health insurance will pay for the ER bill?
  147. Rights of a teen mother in regards to the safety of her baby?
  148. American Pregnant W/ British Citizen. *will applying for benefits in USA get my marriage visa to UK denied?*?
  149. Is a berese mountain dog a good breed for this family?
  150. What job should i do when i grow up ?
  151. Patients bill of rights?
  152. Question about using post 9-11 GI Bill?
  153. can alopecia be caused by gum disease?
  154. How can I sort out my depression without my nan finding out?
  155. Is a bernese mountain dog a good breed for this family?
  156. What would you do if you lived in one of the most expensive cities in the US and accepted a job until you move back home in three months?
  157. Why is the governor of Tennessee just another stupid republican? HE WANTS TO BAN ALL MEDICATION FOR PREGNANT WOMEN!?!?
  158. is a bernese mountain dog a good breed for this family?
  159. What are the names of these types of jobs?
  160. I have some cat questions again.?
  161. When my dad dies my family loses everything??!!?
  162. What should I do about this bill from my Dr? that I don't think was fair. I went to my Dr's office & asked the secretary if I can ask the Dr?
  163. Can my parents sue the hospital?
  164. Health insurance Claim was denied, what do I do?
  165. For the ones that voted for Obama....?
  166. Scrawny Kitten?
  167. If Mitt Romney was elected would I be Dead or Broke?
  168. Hate making choices, should I get rid?
  169. Can I feed kittens Vitamin D milk?
  170. what are the most common sources of stress for teens, young adults and adults?
  171. Do you think its the parents job to at least help with your first car?
  172. Health insurance question?
  173. Problems "down there" advice?
  174. Health insurance deductible??? I'm confused?
  175. mom passed away in hospital, owns no home, who pays her medical bills?
  176. Is there something wrong with me?
  177. Can a husband refuse to take care of his wife?
  178. My Ferret had an allergic reaction to her Distemper Vaccines?
  179. I owe this guy money?
  180. I need advice.. what should I do?
  181. STD confidential?
  182. if the majority of Americans want pot legalized but the government doesn't, what happens?
  183. have i made a mistake by adopting my cat?
  184. is there something wrong with me?
  185. What should I do? I can't afford to live?
  186. Why is Abbott looking at cutting bulk-billing for going to the doctor...?
  187. Recently adopted a female GSD she's painfully thin any ideas on beefing Fiona up ? She has a clean bill of health just painfully thin?
  188. Mini poodle vs bichon frise?
  189. What would happen if this idiot's policies were brought to life?
  190. My boyfriend only cares about himself?
  191. Help making a withdrawal from my HSA?
  192. Girlfriend dosent understand that I cannot afford to go on a trip to Europe?
  193. Should I trust doctor over paying insurance amount ?
  194. Aftercare for rat lice?
  195. Is $35,000 saved with wife at 33 and renting too high or low?
  196. Dog not eating but acting normal?
  197. Why did libs go on this rampage how the cons in congress would lose because of dismal....?
  198. Health insurance problem: PCP forgot to submit claim, now sending full bill?
  199. Do doctor bills ever go away?
  200. Generally speaking, is the UK more politically liberal or more conservative ?
  201. Quick way to gain 10 pounds?
  202. How old is BIll O'Reilly? Is he going to die anytime soon?
  203. How old is BIll O'Reilly? Is he going to die anytime soon?
  204. What does the shift supervisor position consist of at Starbucks?
  205. Why is Obamacare a bad idea?
  206. Is there a way to get out of paying er bill?
  207. I am covered by Medicaid. Will I have to pay anything for an office visit?
  208. deductible health insurance and bill make no sense?
  209. I was charged with 2-counts of assault by auto in NJ-- AllState is not trying to pay my medial bills - which are currently over $200k...?
  210. Not sure if I should move or if I should continue to live here & save.?
  211. What is a good school to get a bachelors degree in Health Information management (medical billing & coding )?
  212. Is it bad that all i'm waiting for when I turn 18 is getting piercings and tattoos?
  213. What is IHSS Insurance? Does it cover everything?
  214. What Nany Pelosi be a good running mate for Hillary or Joe Biden?
  215. What is a good school to get a bachelors degree in Health Information management (medical billing & coding )?
  216. Will medicaid help pay for cobra?
  217. what to do with a heart attack?
  218. Would you agree that too often in democratic nations, people take their rights too far sometimes & other times they don't take them far....?
  219. Is there a law in Illinois that regulates insurance companies any time limits on processing medical claims?
  220. I am SO grossed out, how do i get out of this lease?! help please!?
  221. Which nation would you choose if?
  222. What did the GI Bill do?
  223. If you have health insurance does that mean it covers your doctor and hospital visits?
  224. how can i contact my wife of 8 yrs. shes in a mental facility, the social wkr. says she doesnt want to c me, but she makes no sence?
  225. Staph infection do i have it?
  226. Do I have a UTI or something else?
  227. Why is the health sector still donating billions to congress after the Affordable health bill has been signed?
  228. New report says 3 dozen Dr billed Medicare for $10M each, 1000s more billed between $1m-$10M each, is the problem too much socialism in Govt?
  229. Why did my dad leave us for another woman?
  230. Am I covered for this injury?
  231. I have read the surinder Singh case and wish to travel to Spain with my non EU spouse,?
  232. Is this possible in 30/35 years time? Another Scottish question.?
  233. Since Obama got the lie of the year in 2013,Do you think he will get it this year saying ACA is a success?
  234. Can someone please explain health insurance to me?
  235. PLEASE HELP!?
  236. Why am i receiving a medical bill from when i was a minor?
  237. Socialization in young dogs?
  238. If you have health insurance, do you have to tell the military for enlistment purposes?
  239. LOL the ACA isn't bad!?
  240. Will I have to pay court fees for my landlords possession order?
  241. Financial tips for a 14 y/ old!?
  242. Is living on your own that bad?
  243. OT versus Nursing?
  244. Any help with great danes please?
  245. Is Rush Limbaugh correct that Obamacare is a "civil rights bill" and "reparations"?
  246. Can I afford to move out if I make $3100 a month after taxes?
  247. Is the real reason that people sue for everything and that lawsuits are so expensive; the fact that our safety net stinks?
  248. What private health information would be shared with an outside billing agency?
  249. A Fort Hood soldier spoke ...?
  250. Dog shaved by vets 5 months ago and fur hasn't grown back.?