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  1. If Bill and Hillary were 'dead broke' as she insisted then why didn't they apply for unemployment or welfare like all other libs?
  2. Would it hurt anyone if all the illegals kids coming over the border were fully funded & cared for by the richest corporations?
  3. me and my mom barely get alone.. help?
  4. How do you split bills in your household if one person works full time and the other part time?
  5. how do i get a motorcycle endorsement with no one to accompany me?
  6. Libs, do agree with HBO host Bill Maher that Obama lied about his Religion?
  7. How much does an ambulance/EMS cost if it does not transport you anywhere?
  8. Why do I want to grow up so fast?
  9. how far can a guy go flirting with a girl before it becomes suggestive?
  10. Martial arts movie?
  11. JSA hardship payment entitlement?
  12. Living off GI Bill in SF or Seattle?
  13. Will my EE phone be cut off if I dont pay my tmobile phone bill?
  14. Nba 2k14 MyTeam help?
  15. Why are republicans okay with violating the process with immediate effect in Michigan?
  16. Are my disney sketches worth getting appraised? If so, who is the best?
  17. what does direct power billing mean?
  18. Are most pedophiles registered Republicans? or Democrats?
  19. Should U.S. citizens be able to submit bills to Congress that Members of Congress are required to vote on?
  20. Upgrade billing information?
  21. I have tmobile but am on a family plan. I often connect to our at home wifi to make calls and send and receive texts...?
  22. Do you think its wrong to get a underage drinking citation if you call 911 for help?
  23. how do i ask my friend to go out to dinner with me without him trying to leave me with the bill?
  24. Can I claim job seekers in the summer holidays, I've just finished college. And do they check your bank account?
  25. what do liberals say, is it true what this guy that liberal government is taking away our rights?
  26. Politics: Whatever happened to those WMDs in Iraq that Bill Clinton talked about?
  27. Professional Wrestling: HOW many times can Total Nonstop Action directly slap the fans in the face?
  28. My Boyfriend broke up with me cause he said he need to grow up?
  29. Stomach lymph nodes?
  30. Why doesn't Reid allow Bills passed by the House to be voted up or down (democracy) in the Senate rather than just table them?
  31. can i cancel my gamefly membership day before next bill and send game back late no charge?
  32. do I qualify for the GI BILL?
  33. Did you grow up a rich kid with Cadillac Escalade's credit cards with no limits and giant mansions with Butler's, drivers and trainers?
  34. Is my cat's tail broken?
  35. Will Obama sign the oil pipeline bill now?
  36. Math Problem Help!!!!!?
  37. Atheists: in GOD we Trust?
  38. Why are liberals so bigoted against group marriages? What is wrong with polyamorous marriages of consenting adults?
  39. if bill clinton could serve a third term do you think he would?
  40. what kind of solar system would i need?
  41. Why can't I get off my ass?
  42. I want to travel and learn cultures but college and life get in the way, help?
  43. does he have feelings for me?
  44. Is this an unusual utility bill?
  45. what are shopping bills?
  46. Gas prices - Do you think that Obama is pro fossil fuels or anti fossil fuels?
  47. Planned Parenhood- The Pill?
  48. Cheerleading! Help?
  49. If Hillary wins the Presidency, what will Bill's special cause be as First Lady?
  50. When you boil it all down, doesn't it always come back to the fear of torture?
  51. Basic Statistics Question?
  52. i REALLY need some help so if some Doctors Ortho surgeons are out there please help!! I went to the dentist?
  53. has anyone dealt with the national debt relief?
  54. Is our water bill high at home?
  56. what do Atheists think of Wild bill join the black robe regiment?
  57. why do people say the Miami Big 3 is like putting Jordan and Magic together?
  58. Husband doesn't want to do budget together and ?
  59. Chevy Cobalt SS or Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V?
  60. 100 dollar bill wallpaper for house?
  61. denied security clearance navy?
  62. how can I find out my total tax bill on the IRS website?
  63. Do you Liberals and Democrats really and truly want Hillary running America?
  64. My husband started a night job 7 weeks ago. He hates it. He says he doesn't mind the work hates the hours. He never sees his kids or me?
  65. Would you like cheaper gas/electric,and many more?
  66. I had a new clutch fitted but it has proved to be faulty, do I claim from manufacturer or motor factor who sold me the part?
  67. How much more a month has your electricity bill gone up by using an air conditioner?
  68. My best guy friend likes and kissed me. I'm confused?
  69. Setting up a collection jar?
  70. Xbox Subscription?
  71. Are lamps more energy efficient than ceiling lights?
  72. if this is not a christian nation how come our dollar bills say one nation under GOD?
  73. what does Disney **Celebration** mean?
  74. i think its time to leave?
  75. Anybody had any dealings with swoggi?
  76. Yearly income of 44,200 TEN POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!?
  77. IMO there were far too many changes made in all of the Harry Potter films - which ones annoy you the most?
  78. Where can i download Bill fergerson getting power back audio book?
  79. How can someone support gender equality and still expect the guy to pay for the whole bill on a date?
  80. How were medical bills issued in America in the 1950s?
  81. Galaxy S4 won't connect to Mobile data?
  82. Does the 9/11 GI Bill cover all tuition and Fees?
  83. Who's in the wrong out of me and my ex?
  84. do you think it be a different US if there were no term limits?
  85. Debit card questions (billing)?
  86. Today my 76 pound dog cooked corn cobs, what should I do?
  87. bill struth didnae av a wullie?
  88. What can the Air Force help me out with in terms of schooling?
  89. Why are Republicans ignoring one of their own advisors comments about Bergdahl?
  90. If the FATHER of that young Sargent who was in AFGHANISTAN PRISON for 5 Years doesn't shave, is he risking his family will be killed by CONS?
  91. My Mom bullies me (sorry this is long)?
  92. Difference between Post-9/11 Bill and Montgomery GI Bill?????? So confused!?
  93. How much better would the American economy be today, without Republican obstruction of all recovery efforts?
  94. I cannot cancel a subscription to a website, help?
  95. Is Bill Clinton the only President to lose his law license because of unethical conduct?
  96. starting a ferret shelter?
  97. Am I a nerd?
  98. Brighthouse Vs. Fios?
  99. Can I press charges if someone stole money from my wallet at the hospital I volunteer at?
  100. No data network?
  101. How do I find stability?
  102. Girls: Would you date me?
  103. Why are GOP Senators flying to France today (First Class) instead of voting on a VA bill to assist US Veterans at home?
  104. How do I figure out how much to pay on my power bill?
  105. My dad is trying to have complete control of my money?
  106. Am I wrong for being upset at my boyfriend for not getting me anything for my birthday?
  107. 20 years old and need help making a life choice.?
  108. Keeping faith?
  109. How much is water bills per year in UK ?
  110. Too young to marry?
  111. College Police academy's?
  112. How do Republicants sleep at night knowing what they have set in motion?
  113. I am trading airchecks and looking for an honest trading partner.?
  114. Do you recognize the Bill of Rights as the supreme law of the land?
  115. how to get my mom to kick my brother and sister in law out?
  116. speech topics?
  117. illinois law How do I get my rent deposit back?
  118. obesity, healthcare, and the tax payer?
  119. Pick your favorite Steve Martin and Bill Murray movie?
  120. Soldiers, what if your boss goes too far one day?
  121. Why did Georgia reps pass pro-gun laws, but keep the gun ban in the state legislature?
  122. Why do Republicans like guns so much?
  123. Hi, How does a Bill of Lading differ from an ASN?
  124. Bill of Lading differ from an ASN?
  125. Im 30 weeks pregnant and still dont want sex why?
  126. my husband is in prison and asked me to bring him two rolls of stamps and a twenty dollar bill double wrapped. what is he asking for?
  127. can i travel to another state without a picture ID?
  128. Why do cons worship billionaires even though the same jerks won't give them fair wages?
  129. Can Bill Gates by an African Country like Liberia that has a GDP of under 2 billion?
  130. How come even the Democrats have become tired of Obama's empty speeches and bad management?
  131. I need advice about kids dad..?
  132. My iphone won't let me go on my internet?
  133. do drawings and paintings still sell?
  134. I'm 17 and I need a car but I don't have enough money?
  135. Why are overachievers so insensitive to the failures of others?
  136. Can an iPhone app charge directly to your AT&T account?
  137. Which is a better source of accurate, unbiased news? CNN ? or the National Enquirer?
  138. My Mum is so selfish!?
  139. Which wristlet should I get?
  140. A substitute teacher at my school told the class don't judge him he could be a multi millionaire, what do you think he meant?
  141. Online company didn't charge my debit card?
  142. Liberals, Jews just passed a house bill law that gentiles are mandated to be slaves. Proof below?
  143. What is the length of a dollar bill?
  144. If Bill Clinton had not had so many zipper failures and if Newt Gingrich (R) speaker of the House had not saved him with the Contract with?
  145. parents getting sued from a car collision 2 years ago? My mom was was in car collision with another person?
  146. Gers Bill Struth Dirty Old Shirt Lifting Botty Rotter?
  147. i want to be free?
  148. Return or keep package?
  149. HELP!! AT&T sent my family a large bill for a pole that killed my cousin!!?
  150. I gave the waiter my number?
  151. Why is it Harry Reid and Bernie Sanders are so worried about?
  152. what would you do with 4k dollars?
  153. Moving out at 17?
  154. Can my sister pick up my parcel from post aus cause I?
  155. Will it hurt your credit if you don't pay on a payment plan?
  156. I'm pregnant help?
  157. Practice exam question?
  158. Can a provider bill my insurance for a root canal procedure at the start of my treatment?
  159. With regard to the problems at the VA, why can't veterans simply go to a regular doctor/hospital, and then have the doctor/hospital...?
  160. Bill Clinton stumped for her, Chelsey even married her son, why then did she lose her election?
  161. Medical office didn't do an authorization?
  162. whats the best way to smuggle money?
  163. I ran up a massive mobile bill because a photo would not send from my yahoo account it was on EE whose fault ?
  164. if i was at work and i slipped into a hot rack and got burned could i sue for pain and suffering?
  165. Does Bud Selig look a lot like an age-progressed Bill Gates?
  166. If the Bill/Hillary Tag Team manages to seize the Presidency for up to 16 years, isn't that really a bit too long?
  167. Does anybody agree with this proposed amendment?
  168. How can any political or social movement expect to be taken seriously when its representatives (in the media and in activism) are spineless?
  169. what to do when he can't forget her?
  170. What do I do when my BF can't get over his EX?!?!?!?
  171. My family takes my money !!!!?
  172. Math question will the baseball player be safe or out?
  173. Big change to my relationship, not sure whether to keep going?
  174. Was it a nice thing for republicans to raise my taxes before mid-term elections?
  175. what would happen if you sliced somones head clean off with a sword?
  176. How much would it cost to build and open a brand new orphanage? Including the cost for furnishings, food, electricity bills?
  177. consider a closed economy with a signle telephone company call R-us.the residents of country makes 2 million callone day a new company enter?
  178. Please join my sprint framily plan!!?
  179. Retainer after braces?
  180. Gun issue with friend?
  181. how do I determine how much of my bill is HST if it is not listed separately?
  182. how long does it take to learn medical billing?
  183. Help with growing my cannabis?
  184. Can a retired veteran pass on benefits to children?
  185. Professional Wrestling: Did Triple H really bury Bill Goldberg, would that be like saying John Cena buried Ryback?
  186. Removed Collection, Years Later...It's Back with new collection agency?
  187. why did he turn it on?
  188. How to hook up two phones to one line?
  189. Is it Hillary or man Bill that is causing males to desert the GOP to vote for Hillary?
  190. Looking to Join a Sprint Framily Plan?
  191. Wjy do some cons say that the President is letting veterans suffer in view of the number of bills they have?
  192. Visa gift card not accepted by paypal?
  193. the sanders bill would allocate $21 billion for veterans. what is the hold up in congress?
  194. Bills being sent to parents are mine. Is this Legal?
  195. What charges exactly would Trey Gowdy like to bring up against Hillary; Will she beg for mercy. Will she beg for mercy, admit Bill Ayre's?
  196. I really need help :'( someone has conned me!?
  197. How were Democrats able to pass 0bamacare, without any R votes, yet couldn't pass bills to improve the economy?
  198. Why do cons here insist on pretending the Democrats controlled Congress for two full years?
  199. Car inspection and temp plates?
  200. Parenting skills are very essential in life.?
  201. Is there a political difference between wanting less government regulation and actively cheering for people to be victimized?
  202. My bf of 2 months wanted to borrow money $1400 for car insurance??!!!?
  203. Why does the administration tacitly support the proliferation of nuclear weapons?
  204. Why dont we pay our bills so we dont owe around the world?
  205. Politics: Are Democratic liberalism and Republican conservatism real political ideologies?
  206. The American founding father were Renaissance men who apparently assumed that those who followed them would also be like them. They?
  207. Is the quality of food at a high end restaurant really better than say an Outback Steakhouse?
  208. should congress investigate the sanders bill which will supposedly help veterans?
  209. Am I suffering from depression or something else?
  210. Is there a way I can put my cat in my name?
  211. 0.12 g BBs in a 330 FPS AEG (Airsoft)?
  212. What career should I choose? 20yo Male I do not have any interest in anything and have completed my basics so I need to choose something?
  213. Politics: Why didn't our Founding Fathers put the Ten Commandments in the Constitution?
  214. Can I buy a car from someone with only a bill of sale ? With liability insurance?
  215. Debit card question?
  216. i am heartbroken and angry over dogs death?
  217. Will ACA be struck down based on the Origination Clause?
  218. why do so many Leftists keep making false claims about conservatives?
  219. What are your thoughts on this situation?
  220. Can't afford hospital/obgyn bills?
  221. Advice on how to tell a relative to leave my home...?
  222. Advice on cleaning up credit after divorce? I need some hope here :-(?
  223. Atheists why do some of you hate bill gates?
  224. is it illegal to possess counterfeit money?
  225. How does a hard working single mom get through this?
  226. Our provider tried to bill 96372 and J3301 with a 58565. Is 96372 & J3301 included in the procedure?
  227. Any good ideas to making a little extra cash from home please read on thanks?
  228. I was caught buying a wallet using a hand drawn fifty dollar bill! Can I be charged and arrested?
  229. late with virgin bill will i get cut off?
  230. Will Bill Shorten be delirious with joy when the debt levy is announced...?
  231. I accidentally clicked on an inappropriate website. Will it show up on my phone bill?
  232. Job ideas for a person like me?
  233. how can i see our billing if fiance hides it help?
  234. Trying to finish this unit please help.!?
  235. Why are middle aged people sooo obsessed with taxes?
  236. How much is a standard PG&E bill for a small apartment?
  237. How relevant is affirmative action nowadays? Isn't it more positive to make it on your own instead?
  238. Why do people still think the Benghazi attack wasn't an inside job, when Obama tried to start a war in Syria by "lobbing a few missiles"?
  239. Answer this and explain how you got it?
  240. 7 week old baby rabbits...?
  241. how do I stop giving in to my daughter?
  242. What would be a system of linear equations for these world problems?
  243. First time buyer car program?
  244. Can i get emancipated if my boyfreind can support me and his son?
  245. Dollar Bill Tear-off Booklets?
  246. Do you think Cons keep beating this dead horse called Bengblahghazi because they are scarred witless Hillary & Bill will win the Whie House?
  247. Can a case be dismissed if the officer did not know the law had changed and charged me incorrectly?
  248. College question for a veteran?
  249. Have you ever found a hundred dollar bill inside of an egg?
  250. This or that?