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: Portland Trail Blazers - It may be more correct to say in the case of Portland that they are one player and some patience away from the next step. Winning the first overall pick in the lottery was an unexpected luxury that will help this team for years to come. Just think of what the team already has to offer - stellar rookies Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge, surprisingly good youngster Sergio Rodriguez, Darius Miles returning from a year out of action and Zach Randolph really coming into his own. That's a pretty good nucleus. Add a third big man to complement Randolph and Aldridge and you could really Wholesale Jerseys China have something special. It's almost too perfect, then, that the Blazers will have the opportunity to draft the most Wholesale Jerseys Cheap coveted big man since, at least, Yao Wholesale Jerseys Supply Ming. Greg Oden is a freak, and he will give Trail Blazers fans reason to be extremely optimistic. That's something that hasn't been the case for a lot of years.

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