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: Any state taxes that you would owe to your state would be a state income if your state does have a state income tax.
And the state and local sales and use tax amounts that you are supposed to be registered for with your local taxing authority to be a tax collector for them when you are selling things form a location in that local taxing district and you will need to go to their office and let them show you the forms and the schedule that you would have to use for that purpose at that time.
NOW NET PROFIT from your schedule C and SE business operation and your self employment taxes social security and medicare taxes plus any federal income tax would be owed to the FMS United State Treasury Department for each tax year plus all of the penalties and the interest that will be due on the past due amounts that are accumulating and getting bigger with each day that the amount does NOT get paid off in full OK.
ONLY they the FMS and the IRS will know for sure how much the $$$$ amounts might be and they will be sending you a bill for those amounts also OK.
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 05/05/2013

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