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: They will sue you. (verizon's collections will sue for very small amounts).
Debt does not just go away after a few years.
They will garnish your wages or go after your assets.
This will have added court costs, legal fees, garnishment/levy fees, and the judgement will destroy your credit even further.

Settle if you have the cash so your credit can start repairing.
They might take 1/2 of the amount.
Do you have money?
Making payments just delays any recovery process. Score does not go up.
And remember that employers check credit.

Are you a college graduate? Making minimum wage?
Your job is to warn others not to take the degree you took.
Verizon sold off this debt. They washed their hands from it.
Verify the amount on your credit reports. All 3 are free once a year at
Annual Credit Report https://www.annualcreditreport /cra/index.jsp
Sounds like you only got 1 report.
And don't pay for the score again.
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