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: Originally, the square slowly didn't intend to return to.Head day evening, Wang Tou hands over to him a task of honour.Wang Tou is their bureau chief.Telephone inside, Wang Tou makes 2013 new style christian louboutin outlet online store louboutin shoes him give to write a speech draft and say is open county village two days later work will want urgent use.The square slowly didn't finish listenning to, the uncontrollable rage then fled to come up:"Bureau chief Wang, you seek the person of office to write, I tomorrow there is urgent matter in the old house and regain, really not the ability Dan put."The square slowly suppresses quick temper and takes emotion to decline.Square slowly can say to write, of great ability, but be rise not to go up, have been still a small section staff up to now.Than he differs of, early promote.This let it be, call more the square slowly has a headache of BE, ascend go to bureau chief, next go to the section chief has what want to start to write of, to the utmost seek him, even summary what of also want him to deal with it.He is a rectum son, hang everything on the face.No matter is who, he is full of complaints.Vent an after, the matter still have to do.Sit up thus often matter.Sleep late, and then dream, his eye socket, a year the four seasons turn together black side, like panda eye.At the right moment, his father tomorrow birthday, recklessly giveĀ° Wang Tou's task to block to return to.After the event, although his in the mind has a little penitence, more of is have never had pleasingly.
I have never once thought before what was called blackness, have no.I once complained the city is that so hustle, the sky contains a lot of dusts and once complained the room is that so narrow and small, there are so many ugly faces in the crowd.However, when I finally can't see all these, I just suddenly feel that the all these is what precious!
I say that you should the apprehensibility is a mood that does a father, and your wife should also the mood of apprehensibility a mother.Because the kid's business, we are very sad.He finally sat in seat of honor from 2013 new style christian louboutin outlet online store louboutin sale the ground, the tremble with fear scaredly said, are you to say that you held for ransom a kid?I order.
Her personality is bright, even canning be said to be cheery must have a little overdo, have a little crazy of.Is very difficult will she with legendary and gentle and soft and petite river Zhe woman to should get up.However when while walking platform, talking that own life experiences, she will completely change into another person.
to walk to shout loudly at the most anterior Yang Da Dun Bao a , sees his face distortion transform, skill the Wu live belly, point at to know that the mansion means to say all alone what, can a words also can not say it and just flow the next earthworm in the corner of mouth black blood, then head a louboutin sale slanting, fall to into ten thousand Zhang abysses.
Perhaps a lot of parents to the viewpoint like this will be hesitant, after all, the examination is to touch wear, see the benefits for getting, can soon see an achievement, and develop character and make a research but have no ready-made textbook to make reference to, achievement also not judgment.Be like Liu the parent of Ting as well talk, they not like to"try one's luck", also not like "buy a lottery ticket".They would rather beg steady want one a little bit more common of kid, don't think that the sword goes wide Feng and makes the kid risky to hold a not big affair as well.So, may let own kid future bamboo basket kick one is empty, come to the end of one"beating an art is miscellaneous".Even if a lot of parents with very abundant education knowledge also embrace to have viewpoint like this, Gao Kao is later on a threshold, make this threshold thinking the way first again remediable.

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