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: The activity in evening is to have a meal while seeing that kind of I have already seen many performances.In multiplying by traveling the road that the car has a meal and sees performance, my guest chats with other visitors very devotion, I also courtesy ground with sit to chat at my a Mr. Wei of the opposite.This Sir is a Belgian, say one mouthful fluently English.At this time someone open a light in the car, I just discover that he is a blind man."Supper can I sit by you?If"the blind man asks, " you would like to, I hope you can you see of tell me.""Good ah."I say.
The evening goes home, the orchid is even to just know the rights of the case. originally, the Liu Xia Men daddy is lightly badly sick , lived into a hospital, can not return to inside in the bureau in about a year, the superior took office a life bureau chief's assistant to manage a work.Bureau chief's assistant is an even orchid daddy.
Acquaint with the person of Chin chess, all have experience like this, if you want to win this dish chess, in addition to the pawn that sees clear chessboard, have to also see through the intention of the other party bottom this chess, the layout then judge afterward, so as to finally win.So-called"the front and back of the superior sees three" is this meaning.
will they look for everywhere?Their affirmation will look for everywhere of and reach rice Anne and find out you and find cheap oakley sunglasses online cheap oakleys back bag.They may be you nearby of anyone:Wear the man of glass leave eye and stay corn book the stranger of the woman of hair, one mouthful peculiar speech and stranger in not familiar white shirt.You must be careful.They want to want money to return to, the sooner the better, because leave for several days of exchange time."
After, the Xiao teacher mends shoes, again obligation be have to wipe cobbler.By so doing, his business is better.There are parents in the laurel joss-stick house, she ten day, half month of come back once, a pair of shoe also reply full mud.In the under the eaves, the Xiao teacher made the laurel fragrant to take off shoe and must wiped 1 time for her can not.Then, he listens to that soul leading long the voice of Zhi Zhi that the dream rounds and following with eyes laurel joss-stick to enter a house.When laurel joss-stick walked, he wanted to re- do once again.Even if isn't dirty, the Xiao teacher also wants to do, and is to slowly do and sometimes keep laurel joss-stick waiting Be getting more impatient, he is as usual cheap oakleys and leisurely.
No matter how it is, as long as the other party paid hard, regardless as a result how, you have to mean a with gratitude and otherwise cheap oakley sunglasses online cheap sunglasses make people think that you are a snobbish person.In this case, you can say:"I know that you have already made an effort and thank you!""Is really ashamed, let you be getting more difficult!""The difficulty of this matter is really a lot too big, myself think other ways again, but still keep really appreciating your help!"

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