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: ALL re-do weddings are 'tacky', dear....they are obviously fake and attempts to relive a moment that can never be recaptured.

1) Forgot the music-so what? I had no music to get married to when I married the second do not NEED a background sound track, this is not a movie or Broadway Musical.

2) Can't tell you how many times the rings have been forgotten.

3) Vows can be said at do NOT need anyone's blessings or to do them publicly to make them special, romantic,meaningful, etc......vows do not make the marriage legal-the I do's and the paperwork & registration of the marriage does.

4) "Dream Weddings" are little girl fantasies.

What you are looking for is to re-create a perfect wedding experience....and it' won't work unless you can actually turn back time to a point where you once again are a genuine bride-ain't gonna happen.

Save money...plan a great romantic get-away. Say your vows to each other in some romantic, meaningful place/way and exchange your 'real' rings at that time. Create a real new a past memory never ever works....and subjects you to ridicule, besides....

I am waiting for the new mother to decide that her birth experience wasn't perfect enough so she stages a fake labor & delivery for the experience or tries to stuff the kid back in for a re-do.....Uncle Ernie's funeral wasn't up to par? Then dig up the old coot, pass around the clothes pins for the noses and have a re-do wake.......didn't like the way your guy proposed? RE-DO!!! Re-do 'til he gets it 'right'....lets re-do operations, contracts, mail deliveries ( Um, Listen Mailman, re-do and next time skip the bills and junk mail)......the debt collector will STILL come after you...ridiculous.
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