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: Reading this, it makes it seem like you care way more about having your "dream wedding" than you care about having a marriage. Not trying to be rude, but shouldn't you be happy that you're married to the person you love? Why be upset if things didn't go perfectly? It was a year ago. And who's to say that if you have a re-do wedding, things won't go wrong again? Will you keep trying until you think it's perfect? Re-do weddings are just never a good idea. The entire point of a wedding is to get married, if you are married, your wedding was a success. I think most people given the chance would re-do something about their wedding, but once you're married, the whole bride ship has sailed, and it's tacky to try to be a bride when you're already a wife.
If you want, have an anniversary party. You can still celebrate, get dressed up, have good food, dance, etc... But you won't be forcing people to sit through a fake ceremony. Or, wait a few years and do a vow renewal. You can still celebrate your love in many ways, without doing an entire wedding again.

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