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: Very difficult to have a redo wedding when you're already husband and wife. I am sorry your wedding wasn't planned better, though, and that you didn't communicate your wishes to your officiant. Having said that, you could do a vow renewal in your situation. It would remedy the lack of saying vows to one another. and you could write your own clever ones, having experienced a year of marriage. You can play one special song during the quick ceremony to remedy the music thing, and that's that. You wouldn't have a wedding party, no one's giving you away, etc. It's pretty simple.

After that you can have most any party you wish, from a barbecue to cake and punch, just so you thank your guests for coming and get to spend some time with them.

**I like how Resist Wedding Industry Lies suggests you spend a lot of money you don't have on a gala anniversary party.
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