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: My wedding was a wreck! We forgot the music to start off, forgot the rings, Hardly any of my wedding stuff was set up! You name it, it most likely went wrong.:( Well...To top off everything after I walked down the Isle I thought to myself okay I am here with him thats all that matters right? After his Mother begged me to let her friend marry us...we didn't even say vows to each other!:( So disappointing to me. All we said was I do once and that was my whole wedding...My dream wedding was crushed! But I want to kind of have a "redo Wedding!" I don't want ppl to bring gifts or anything. I just want them to come celebrate our love with us. Just inviting family and close friends. Do not wanna spend a whole lot though. Any Ideas?
It wasnt religious. :( and thats what I wanted I wish his mom was honest about her friend...That is the only thing I am unhappy with! Just the vows I guess we can just renew our vows in about 10 years!:)

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