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: Alright, so this is kind of dumb, but the Art Institute visited my school the other day, and they had preview videos of each of their technology fields. I was interested in one of the video previews, or at least a specific part of a video, shown in a little montage for the audio production field of the art institute. Now, I'm an anime nerd, and in the part of the montage for audio production, they displayed an anime in which they replaced the audio of it as a project, and they say what the anime is called in a little sub header.
Getting to the question, which im sure you can probably guess by now, does anyone know what that anime was exactly? I believe it was a magic based "medieval" anime, if that helps at all. I also think it started with an "S". It would be a great help, and thank you in advance.
I should add that I'm not exactly planning to go there, I just want to know what anime they used for their one video.

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