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: As a general rule, when a parent rents a place, they will list the residents, which she added you, since you was her child. But since over 18, I am guessing that your mother has had bad credit in the past, or has been evicted before, and if so, you being of age and an adult, had you sign as a co signor guaranteeing that if she did not pay, then they can go after both YOU and HER. Granted as a kid going to school and living with your mother, did not expect to be held liable, since she is your parent.

Have you signed any other lease agreements after your mother was evicted or moved?

Is your mother able to pay this back? If not, then suggest you contact them about a repayment plan. Otherwise, this will stay on your credit report.

sorry, but unless your mother can prove that rent was paid, it is owed, either by you or your mother.

good luck
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