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: so the story goes like this about a year and a half a go i was really down and depressed. i sat in my room and called my dad up so we could talk out these bad emotions. the only comment i made not being serious at all was i felt like throwing myself out of a window. of course i didn't mean it. it was just something i said to convey my feelings, yet did i know my dad texted his girl friend that i was planning a suicidal attempt or that i was suicidal. his girl friend didn't talk to me and wasn't even in our house. i had talked to my therapist and he asked me if i was thinking of committing suicide and i said no i just wish i wasn't here right now. 15 minutes later the cops show up in full force saying that they had to take me away to the hospital for suicidal thoughts. i asked them who told them that and they said my dads girl friend. i said i never talked to her and i never said i was suicidal, just down. they said in situations like these we have to take you and you have 1 of 2 choices walk to the ambulance or they get the stretcher and strap me down. i stated that i didnt want to go but i would cooperative anyway because either way i was going to be forced to. MY main concern is why/ how in the hell can a hospital bill me about 4000 dollars when i didn't want to go and how could the police possibly believe a source that i had no contact with and lived 15 minutes away. p.s. i talked to my therapist before the cops showed up and he said no hospitalization was necessary so please tell me if i can sue or do something to get rid of these bills that i have. also i still cant believe all the cops heard from was one source that i had no contact with and i get taken way maybe i should just start calling the cops on a neighbor i don't like and say i heard he was suicidal i wonder if as long as someone claims that another person is suicidal if that gives the police enough power to hospitalize you and leave you with 4 grand worth of bills. it just doesn't seem right. please give me some advice thanks. also i doing much better now mentally but the fact that i constantly have dept. collectors calling me reminds me of the very traumatic event and pisses me off.

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