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: Dope guitar blazing up this beat
Strum of the strings just what my verse needs
Listen up, Iím rough and tough, hereís my story
It all started in a crowded little city
By the name of Kiev, my allegory
Moved from my home-town when I was two
Flew to Minnesota with the colder blizzards
Grew up to be snazzy and sharp like scissors
Now when I become old Iíll be a wise wizard
Donít be cold, warm up otherís hearts
Positive beats negative from the start
Learning to love and respect others is a fine art
I spend my days playing ball and rapping
Lifeís good, and if I would I wouldnítí change it if I could
Luxuriesí always nice, but it leads to a fight
Between you and your mind, dangerous like dynamite
Donít judge anyone, donít smudge any fun
Accept what happens because itís a reaction to any action
Learned that in science, call me Bill Nye to the maxim
If you pick a fight with me, you better watch your back son
Go pick your nose instead, more chance of a fair battle in there
I swear youíre starting to get to know me
Be my homie, I help those in need and those who are lonely
A Russian steed, my passion is to express myself
Oh you though I was fake? Sorry I canít stretch any help
Tore through this verse like a motorbike on a dirt-course
The story-teller is a short-spoken fellow
Learn from my words, and choose the right turns
Remain mellow. (Iím out)

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