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: In march I got my own apartment, a very tiny studio. I'm 21, in school, I work two jobs and barely break even after paying my bills. I lived here not even 2 months when mother came to live with me in my ONE ROOM APARTMENT. She pays no rent or bills, eats my food, doesn't do any dishes and is keeping her cat here. She works about 15 hours a week at an amusement park (only seasonal). In the last week she had 2 full time jobs through an agency and quit them both(she has quit nearly every job shes had my entire life, causing me to grow up in poverty). She is lazy and childish. Complains she has no money yet parties all weekend and gets tattoos. I don't know how to get her out because I would be kicking her out on the street since she is too proud to live with her mom. But I cant take it (or afford it) anymore. There is no more public housing where I live anymore, they canceled the program. Any suggestions? How do I make her grow up, im tired of being her parent!

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