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: What does this sound like to you?

Imagine a family member who has a job and has no rent to pay, only utilities every month as well as car insurance. They have 3 kids but no child care expenses as the grandmother watches the kids most of the time. Now what do you suspect is going on when said family member often doesn't pay bills and utilities (gas/electric), phone and such get shut off?

Said family member doesn't come home til roughly 9 every night though they don't work that late.

Said family member sometimes says that their other family members cannot come there because they "have company".

When the utilities are shut off or going to be shut off they get the money from other family members but don't pay it back.

When they ask for money it's an emergency and need it RIGHT NOW even in the middle of the night on a Saturday when the bill cannot be paid until Monday.

The family member owes over $1000 in the last 7 months to the lender/s.

Honest opinion, what does it sound like is going on? Should the significant other of the lender to this person have a right to be pissed off about it and say something to them?
The family member is taking more than the couple can afford and causing strain such as having to take from emergency/mortgage savings or borrowing from friends.
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