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: case or not.

She hit a car that lost out of control and appeared perpendicular to her car in front of her where she could not break in time to avoid the hit. The other party was unconscious but she wasn't. Police came out and a police report was filled out. She was told she needed to wait 10 days to receive the police report. She doesn't know who's at fault yet. She is just injured where her neck hurts. She just needs to go see a chiropractic and can use her own insurance to pay for it with a $2,000 deductible.

If she turns her case over to an attorney to take care of it, she don't have to pay the deductible to go see a chiro. She goes to atty's chiro. They will handle everything and it is based on contingency which means my sister won't have to pay anything unless they get paid from the other party. But, she would have to split the claim $ settlement 3 ways: attorney, doctor, and her.

If the other party is at fault and if she handles this case by herself, she just need to write letters to the other party's insurance to claim triple the amount of the total of all her damages, injuries, medical bills, etc.

What should she do, turn her car accident over to an lawyer to handle her case or just handle it by herself ? She don't know what to do and needs to do something ASAP. I don't know what to tell her.

What would you do if you get in an accident that has body injury ? Would you handle it yourself or give it to an attorney based on contingency to handle
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